How do I monitor multiple tracks in GarageBand?

Record to multiple audio tracks simultaneously

  1. In GarageBand on Mac, set the instrument or microphone input source for each track you want to record to.
  2. Choose Track > Configure Track Header.
  3. Click the Record Enable button in the track header of each track you want to record to.

How many inputs can GarageBand handle?

You can create a maximum of 255 Audio Tracks in GarageBand. How many you could record on simultaneously depends on your audio interface (how many audio channels) and your computers CPU and Hard Drive throughput.

How do I record with multiple USB Mics?

Select both your USB mics as your left and right channels. Leave the Preferences section and start a new multi-track session. On track one and two, use the input drop-down menus titled Default Stereo Input to select both your USB mics. Hit the R on both tracks to arm each one to record.

How do you add inputs in GarageBand?

Choose GarageBand→Preferences and click the Audio/MIDI button to see the Audio/MIDI pane. You can then set the audio input to Built-In Microphone, Built-in Line Input, or System Setting (to reflect whatever you set your system sound preferences is set to).

What is output GarageBand?

Output Device pop-up menu: Choose between any installed Core Audio devices, including the internal sound hardware. MIDI Controller pop-up menu: Shows the last connected MIDI controller, or None if no controller has been connected. When multiple controllers are connected, you can choose which one to use with GarageBand.

Can you group tracks in GarageBand?

If you’ve ever worked on a large, multi track project in Garageband, you’ll be acutely aware of one of the program’s few limitations. There’s no option to group similar tracks together and apply compression or other effects to them all simultaneously.

How many tracks can you use in GarageBand?

255 tracks
You can record and mix up to 255 tracks, and only your audio interface limits how many you can record simultaneously. You can easily record multiple takes, and comp them.

What do I need for multitrack recording?

The computer must have a sound card or other type of audio interface with one or more Analog-to-digital converters. Microphones are needed to record the sounds of vocalists or acoustic instruments.