How do I label a painting for a gallery?

Your label should include:

  1. Artist’s name.
  2. Nationality, birth year (Optional.
  3. Title of the artwork (in bold or italic), year created.
  4. Medium used to create (ex: crayon on paper)
  5. Brief description (This is where you can include any information about the artist, why they created the piece, how they created the piece, etc.)

How do I label a painting for sale?

The most standard information included on artwork labels is:

  1. The artist’s name. This one is pretty straightforward!
  2. The title of the work.
  3. The date of the artwork.
  4. The size of the artwork.
  5. 4.a The duration of the work.
  6. The medium of the artwork.
  7. The price or the credit listing.
  8. Additional information.

How do you write the title of a painting?

Titles of paintings and sculptures should be italicized, but photographs in quotation marks.

What is a wall tag in art?

The labels are attached to the wall with small pieces of museum putty which hold the labels slightly off the wall and give them a finished look. They can be used over and over again.

What size should gallery labels be?

The minimum type size for art gallery labels is 18 points. If you can, use a larger size font such as 22-26 points, for body text with still larger sizes, and 36 points for headings.

How do you make an exhibit label?

Six Tips for Writing Effective Exhibit Labels

  1. Keep Your Visitors in Mind. Writing with your audience in mind is crucial to creating clear and concise exhibit labels.
  2. Keep the Text Short & Simple.
  3. Keep Your Writing Active.
  4. Don’t be Boring.
  5. Keep it Casual & Conversational.
  6. Bring Objects to Life.

How are art prints numbered?

The conventions for numbering prints are well-established, a limited edition is normally hand signed and numbered by the artist, typically in pencil, in the form (e.g.): 14/100. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints the artist will print of that image.

How do I get my art in a gallery?

To get your art in a gallery, start by checking the gallery website for submission policies. You can also call the gallery or email a letter of inquiry, including illustrations of your work, a description of your artistic approach, and a link to your artist website.

What is tag art?

A tag is a graffiti artist’s signature. Tags are text based and largely indecipherable by those outside the graffiti community. The intention behind a tag is the rebellious proliferation of the artist’s signature, akin to brand name advertising. Street art is a sub-genre of graffiti.

What is a tag artist?

The difference is between the “Artist” tag and the “Album Artist” tag is really quite simple. The “Artist” tag is the artist(s) as they appear on the CD. For example on Ben Harper’s live album “Live From Mars” the album is credited as “Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals” so that is what the “Artist” tag would be.

What is local art gallery?

Local Color Art Gallery & Studio is a cooperative of local artists showcasing their art in the gallery, and often working in the studio, at the historical Gryphon Building in downtown Joplin , Missouri. We offer art classes to children and adults, and workshops by nationally known guest artists.