How do I get a full Monash course offer?

To accept your offer, you will need to complete and return Part B of your International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) along with any other documents requested in the ISCA by the date outlined in your offer letter.

Is Monash Malaysia tough?

It is quite a tough university and in fact tougher than their Australian campus. I have seen many students dropping out due to this. And it is not cheap either. However the standards at Monash Malaysia and their reputation (within and outside of Malaysia) is very good.

How long does Monash reply take?

From start to finish, the approval process takes between six and 10 weeks – from the time Monash Abroad receives your application, to your Confirmation of Enrolment being sent to you.

What is a conditional offer Monash?

A conditional offer means you must submit more information before we can send you a full offer. Usually, the information we need is final results, the results of an English exam, or transcripts.

What is Monash University acceptance rate?

Monash University is fairly selective with an undergraduate & postgraduate admissions rate of 40%.

Is Monash University Malaysia Good?

Monash university is one of the best universities in the world. Comparing heriot watt you’ll find better rankings, better exposure, that too on a cheap costs. The courses in Malaysia campus is quite harder than their Australian parent. They’re trying hard to maintain those standards here also.

What is the world ranking of Monash University Malaysia?

Monash University is ranked 55th in the QS 2021 World University Rankings. Monash Malaysia is the third largest campus of Monash University; a globally connected university with industrial and academic collaborations. Monash University ranks among the top 100 universities in the world- 2020 Times Higher Education.

What does a conditional offer mean for university?

Decisions universities and colleges can make Either a conditional or unconditional offer is good news. A conditional offer means you still need to meet the requirements – usually exam results. An unconditional offer means you’ve got a place, although there might still be a few things to arrange.

What time do Monash offers come out?

Offer notification and acceptance Offer date: Friday 10 December 2021 (5pm Melbourne time) – after semester two results release.