How do I find out what privileges are assigned to a role?

  2. Privileges Granted Directly To User: SELECT * FROM DBA_TAB_PRIVS WHERE GRANTEE = ‘USER’;
  3. Privileges Granted to Role Granted to User:
  4. Granted System Privileges:

How do I check permissions on an Oracle package?

“how to check grants on a package in oracle” Code Answer

  1. SELECT grantee, privilege.
  2. FROM dba_tab_privs.
  3. WHERE owner = ‘owner’
  4. AND table_name = ‘object_name’ — Package, procedure…
  5. AND privilege = ‘EXECUTE’

How do I grant all privileges to a user in Oracle?

How to Grant All Privileges to a User in Oracle

  1. CREATE USER super IDENTIFIED BY abcd1234; The super user created.
  3. Enter user-name: super@pdborcl Enter password:
  4. SELECT * FROM session_privs ORDER BY privilege;

How do I check if a user has DBA privileges?

If you want to know which users have been granted the dba role then you need to query the dba_role_privs in the SYS schema. The DBA role does not include the SYSDBA or SYSOPER system privileges.

What are Oracle roles and responsibilities?

More seriously though, here is a list of typical DBA responsibilities: Installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle server software and related products. Evaluate Oracle features and Oracle related products. Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures. Take care of the Database design and implementation.

How do I create a new user in Oracle?

To create a read-only database user account by using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Log in to the Oracle database as a user that has permissions to create roles and users with Enterprise Manager. On the Database Instance page, click the Administration tab. Under the Users & Privileges heading, click Roles. On the Roles page, click Create.

What is Oracle Grant role?

Managing Oracle Roles. You then grant the Oracle role all of the common privileges that users will require to do their work, like the ability to select, insert, update and delete data from various tables. Once the Oracle role is all setup, you only need grant the Oracle role to users and all the privileges will be transferred along with that grant.

What is the role of the Oracle?

Oracle roles allow you to localize the administration of objects. Oracle roles are most helpful when large numbers of users will need the same system and object privileges (which we discussed earlier in this chapter). Think of an Oracle role like a database user that nobody uses. You create the Oracle role using the create role command.