How do I charge my Wex card?

Use the ChargePoint locator, or download the ChargePoint mobile app. How do I use my WEX Fleet card to obtain an EV charge? ChargePoint will send you an RFID tag to connect to your WEX account. Set your WEX Fleet Card as the form of payment, then enter the RFID code.

How do I check my Wex balance?

Follow these steps: Click Select Program. Choose Credit Management from the drop-down menu, then Available Credit from the fly-out menu. On the Credit screen, select the contract for which you’d like to view the credit balance.

What is a Wex account?

WEX provides easy, reliable mobile access to your account. Wherever the job takes you, you can look up Driver IDs, view and filter transactions, check your fuel card credit limit, cancel lost or stolen cards, and spot potential misuse.

How much does Wex cost?

Cost Summary

Swiped Rate 3.5%
Keyed-In Rate 3.5% + $0.20
Phone Processing Rate 3.5% + $0.30
Early Termination Fee $0 – $10,000+
PCI Compliance Fee None

How do I activate my Wex card?

If you’re an account holder, you can activate your card in the Online Service Centre:

  1. Click through to the Cards section and then select the Activate Cards button.
  2. The welcome letter includes an activation code for each card that needs activating.

What is Wex prepaid card?

The WEX Health Prepaid Benefits Card is a special-purpose MasterCard® that gives you an easy, automatic way to pay for eligible health care expenses. The WEX Health Prepaid Card lets you electronically access the pre-tax amounts set aside in your respective employee Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Why is my Wex benefits card not working?

The most common reasons why a Card may be declined at the point of sale are:  The Card has not been activated.  The Card has been used before the 24-hour period after activation is over.  The participant has insufficient funds in his or her employee benefit account to cover the expense.

Where can I use my Wex benefits card?

Where may participants use the WEX Health Payment card? IRS regulations allow participants to use their WEX Health Payment cards in participating pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, discount stores, department stores, and supermarkets that can identify FSA/HRA-eligible items at checkout and accept benefit prepaid cards.

Where do Wex cards work?

WEX fleet cards are accepted at 95% of U.S. fuel stations and 45,000 service locations – anywhere you need to go!

What is a Wex benefit card?

The WEX Health Debit card is a special-purpose MasterCard that can be used only for eligible health care/benefits expenses. It cannot be used, for instance, for Dependent Care (Day Care) expenses, or at gas stations or restaurants. There are no monthly bills and no interest.

What is Wex flex card?

With a 3¢ per gallon* rebate and no setup, annual, or card fees, the FlexCard is the easiest way for a business to start saving on fuel. Plus, you get the flexibility to carry a monthly balance on your fuel card whenever cash flow is tight. 3¢ off per gallon* No setup, annual, or card fees. Carry a monthly balance.

What is a fleet credit card?

A fleet card is a credit card exclusively used by businesses for the fuel, repair, and maintenance of company vehicles. They offer discounts with participating gas stations, mechanics , and maintenance facilities.

What is government fleet card?

The Department of Defense Fleet Card Program uses a fuel charge card to provide the DoD and U.S. Coast Guard a means to procure ground fuel, parts, maintenance and roadside assistance worldwide at commercial service stations while conducting official government business. The DoD Fleet card is limited to vehicles owned or leased by the DoD.

What is a Wex fuel card?

Known for exceptional customer service and reliable systems and reporting, WEX is a leading provider of fuel cards for business fleets.

What is a corporate fleet card?

Fleet cards are a type of payment card that allows businesses to manage expenses associated with the vehicles that they own and operate. They are provided by a business to personnel operating company vehicles. Fleet cards are used by transportation employees for fuel as well as vehicle repairs and maintenance.