How do I change my CKEditor toolbar?

The simplest way to configure the toolbar is to use the dedicated toolbar configurator that is available in each editor installation package starting from CKEditor 4.5. The editor instance below was configured by using the accessible “toolbar groups” approach, with some unwanted buttons removed by setting the config.

How do you make a CKEditor?

Start with forking the main ckeditor5 repository (it will serve as the starting point for your customizations) and then clone your fork:

  1. git clone -b stable [email protected]:/ckeditor5.git.
  2. cd packages/ckeditor5-build-classic.
  3. git remote add upstream
  4. npm install.

How do I get rid of Ckeditor?

Yes, the ‘About’ button can be removed from the toolbar. You can either exclude the ‘About’ plugin when creating your custom editor build, or remove it from your toolbar using the removePlugins option.

How do I create a Ckeditor plugin?

How to create a plugin for CKEditor

  1. Create a directory inside the eXoPlugins directory for CKEditor with the timestamp plugin.
  2. Place the plugin. js file that contains the plugin logic inside the newly created timestamp folder.
  3. Modify the plugin. js file in which you will write the behavior.

Is Ckeditor paid?

You pay for it and you can distribute your product with the CKEditor closed sourced. Additionally you may do any closed source modifications to CKEditor. TL;DR: if you want to modify and distribute it with a commercial license then you need to pay, otherwise you are free to use to for free!

Does CKEditor 4 support full toolbar?

This sample page demonstrates editor with loaded full toolbar (all registered buttons) and, if current editor’s configuration modifies default settings, also editor with modified toolbar . Since CKEditor 4 there are two ways to configure toolbar buttons.

Is CKEditor 4 a WYSIWYG editor?

While CKEditor 4 is a full-featured WYSIWYG editor, not all of its options may be needed in all cases. Because of this, toolbar customization is one of the most common requirements.

How to pass custom configuration options to CKEditor?

As you can read in the docs here, you can pass custom configuration options by editing the config.js file, which is located in the root folder of CKeditor (in a fresh installation..if you moved it act accordingly) CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function ( config ) { // Define changes to default configuration here.

How do I edit my toolbar?

Click the Toolbar Configurator button in the top right-hand corner of the sample page to proceed to editing your toolbar. There are two types of toolbar configurator available: the basic, more visual one and the advanced one.