How do I become a qualified body piercer UK?

You’ll need an apprenticeship to become a body piercer, as well as a series of injections against diseases that can be harmful. You will also very likely need to register with your local health authority as a professional body piercer. You must be over 18 too.

What qualifications do I need to be a body piercer?

You do not need formal qualifications. The most common way in is by doing a traineeship lasting from one to three years. It can be difficult to find suitable training with a registered body piercer.

How much does a body piercer make UK?

Once established and full time (5 days a week or more) your weekly income on a self-employed basis could be between £350-£600 a week. This potentially could rise depending on a really busy work week. A part time Piercer could earn between £250-£350 (3 days full work).

How do I become a tattoo artist UK?

You will not need a degree to become a Tattoo Artist. However, you will generally need to complete an apprenticeship or Tattoo Course, and obtain a tattoo, piercing and electrolysis license to work in the industry full-time.

Do piercers make good money UK?

A part time Piercer could earn between £250-£350 (3 days full work). The incomes I have listed is the take home price. Quiet spells do happen in any career, but luckily there is more busy periods than quiet. Weekly expenditure on Piercing supplies can vary from £30-£100, depending on how busy you have been that week.

Can you be a self taught tattoo artist?

You CAN become a Self Taught Tattooist but it’s an EXTREMELY HARD route to go down. Getting an apprenticeship is the best way to learn to Tattoo but it may not be possible for you for many reasons.

How do I become a tattoo artist in Manchester?


  1. Students must be over the age of 18.
  2. Your tattoo model must be over the age of 18 (should you bring your own model)
  3. Students must be able to speak and understand English.
  4. It is not compulsory for you to have any experience or art qualifactions, however we do require you to have basic dawing skills.

Why you shouldn’t pierce your ears at Claire’s?

While many parents opt to go to Claire’s to pierce their children’s ears, the store’s piercing protocol doesn’t offer the safest process. Not only can piercing guns hurt far worse than a needle, but they cannot be properly sterilized and carry a high risk of infection.

What is a body piercing training course?

Body piercing is a week long training programme which will cover all that is required for the basic piercings in the face, ears and belly button. Strict health and safety and infection control measures are learned with this course. This is £600 and a kit can be purchased separately through your trainer.

How long does it take to get a piercing in UK?

Body Piercing Courses UK Courses have a duration of 3 – 4 days dependent upon the course (s) you choose. You will be taught in a large and gorgeous Piercing Suite that transforms and adapts to the varying course requirements.

What are the piercing and dermal course days?

The Piercing Course days are Tuesday – Friday (Finishing the body piercing course at lunchtime on Friday) and if you are attending the Dermal Course, we will contiue this after lunch till 17:30hrs. Each day we will start at 09:30hrs and finish at 17:30hrs.

Why choose Slack Alice’s piercing Academy?

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