How can I open a Smart money account?

The Smart Money Account can be downloaded and activated using the Smart Mobile Phone. The Account Holder is then required to completely fill-out and sign an application form and return the same to Banco de Oro, through Smart and must load the minimum Philippine Peso amount (“Peso Value”), as may be required.

How much is the capital for Smart Padala?

Smart Padala Agent Application Requirements You should take note that starting a Smart Padala business also requires a capital of PHP 5,000 to PHP 10,000, a basic mobile phone, and a Smart SIM card. Also, there is no processing fee or franchise fee is required for those who wish to open their own remittance center.

Is PayMaya and Smart Padala the same?

Smart Padala is the largest domestic remittance brand in the Philippines, with over 60,000 branches nationwide. You can use your PayMaya account to send money to anyone in the country via a Smart Padala. Find a Smart Padala near you and use PayMaya for load, bills payment, and remittances!

Is Smart Padala and GCash the same?

Unfortunately, GCash currently does not support this feature. However, it is possible to send money to Smart and SUN users who have a registered GCash account!

How Can I Get Smart Padala?

Here’s how to receive your money:

  1. Go to the Nearest Smart Padala Agent. Fill out a transaction slip and present your valid ID.
  2. Show the Text Confirmation to the Agent. The agent needs to see the text confirmation to verify that you’re the legitimate recipient.
  3. Confirm Your Transaction Slip.

How do I process Smart Padala?

How to Use Smart Padala Services

  1. Go to the Nearest Smart Padala Agent. Visit Smart Padala’s website to find the nearest agent branch.
  2. Pay the Service Fee. Hand the accomplished transaction slip, remittance, and service fee payment to the agent.
  3. Confirm Your Transaction Slip.

How use Smart Padala through PayMaya?

How to Send Money from PayMaya to Smart Padala

  1. Ask for the 16-digit account number of your Smart Padala agent.
  2. Tap “Send Money” on your PayMaya app.
  3. Enter the 16-digit account number of your Smart Padala agent on the mobile/account number field.
  4. Input the amount and click “Continue”

Where can I pick up Smart Padala?

But now with Smart Padala Pick-Up Anywhere, they can send or claim their remittance from any Smart Padala center in the Philippines. Smart Padala already has over 15,000 agents and centers, more touch points than Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), bank branches and pawnshops in the country combined.

How many days can I claim money in Smart Padala?

150 days
Just remember that you can only claim your Smart Padala remittance within 150 days.

How many numbers are there in Smart Padala?

Para ma-claim sa specific na agent, ibigay ang 16-digit Smart Padala number. NOTE: Please present one (1) primary valid ID or two (2) secondary valid IDs kapag nag-transact. See here for the complete list of IDs.

What do I need to send money to a Smart Padala?

Quick and Straightforward Process. There are only a few steps that you need to take in order to send your desired amount to a Smart Padala. You can complete them with the PayMaya app, a mobile device, and an internet connection. And if you’re remitting money, whoever is receiving it won’t have a hard time either.

What are the Smart Padala requirements for remittance?

Smart Padala Requirements for Remittance Only one valid ID is required for sending and receiving money. For those who will claim money, they also need to provide the reference number of the remittance transaction aside from presenting their valid ID.

What are smartsmart Padala agents?

Smart Padala Agents are micro-business owners with a physical store. It can be a cellphone repair station, school supplies store, RTW clothing shop, or sari-sari store. So, if you have an establishment where you transact with people, you can apply to be an agent.

How to start a Padala business in the Philippines?

Meaning, you should have a sari-sari store, cellphone repair shop, mini convenience store, or any business establishment where customers can transact with you. Starting a Smart Padala business also requires a capital of PHP 5,000 to PHP 10,000, a mobile phone (a basic unit will do), and a Smart SIM card.