How can I determine what a pill is?

Who Can I Call to Identify a Pill? If you’ve mixed up your pills and you need to sort them out, your best option is to call your pharmacist. They should be able to look up the pills by their color, shape, and imprint code. They also have access to your medication records to help.

How can I take a picture of a pill to identify?

ID My Pill – Snap a photo of a prescription pill, identify it immediately. ID My Pill helps patients, emergency responders, and law enforcement to instantly identify pills using their iPhone’s built-in camera.

Is there an app to identify tablets?

We reviewed seven apps that can help identify the pills you take, and liked two of them a lot: Pill Identifier and Epocrates Pill ID. The others—CVS/Pharmacy Pill Identifier, iPharmacy Pill Identifier, Pill Finder, Prescription Pill Identifier, and ID My Pill—didn’t fare as well.

What do 100 mg Viagra Look Like?

Real Viagra is a solid, diamond-shaped blue pill (not a gel or soft tab), with the manufacturer’s name, Pfizer, imprinted on one side and the letters VGR 25, VGR 50, or VGR 100 imprinted on the other side, indicating the dose of the medication in the pill (25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg).

What color pill is Cialis?

Cialis comes in a yellow, oval-shaped tablet. Tadalafil is also yellow but can be either oval- or circle-shaped.

How do you identify pills?

Enter the imprint code that appears on the pill e.g. L484

  • Select the the pill color (optional)
  • Select the shape (optional)
  • You may also search by drug name or NDC code
  • How do you identify pills by number?

    How to Identify a Pill by the Number on It Take the pill into your local pharmacy during off-peak business hours. Ask family members or coworkers if they recognize the pill by its imprint. Search online. Many pill identification websites will use the number imprint of the pill to identify it for you. Call the poison control hot line number in your area.

    How to identify pills by appearance?

    Instructions. 1. Look at the shape of the pill. Pills are created in circular, ovular or squared shapes. Additionally, identify if the pill is a capsule. 2. Note any inscriptions on the pill. Inscriptions are normally numeric values indicating the milligram dosage of the pill. 3. Observe the color of the pill.

    How to identify medication pills?

    Identify pills by imprint, shape, color, symbol, size or score. With Rx Saver’s pill finder, you can determine a pill’s name by inputting at least one of the pill’s physical appearance into our drug identifier.