Does the Mercedes Marco Polo have a shower?

There’s a good amount of storage space throughout the Marco Polo as well. You get a nice little cupboard which has a built-in vanity mirror, and a pull-down compartment that’s good for keeping bed sheets and whatnot in. You can even option a shower, if you want.

Does a camper van have a toilet?

Many class B campervans only have portable toilets and some don’t have toilets at all. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers that make great class B campervans with big toilets and even showers.

What is the smallest camper with a shower?

14′ iCamp Elite (The Smallest RV with a Shower and Toilet) Click here to see the full specs. Coming in at just 14′, this is the smallest RV with a shower and toilet built-in (that I’m aware of). The dinette transfers into a bed.

Do campervans have showers in them?

Some campervans have an inbuilt shower and toilet. This can be an added convenience but does require emptying waste in a designated facility and topping up the water more often.

Is the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo the right vehicle for You?

However, with the Marco Polo, Mercedes-Benz offers the right vehicle for almost every individual desire. The camper and leisure van from Mercedes-Benz is available in three different variants. Together, the Marco Polo, Marco Polo HORIZON EDITION* and Marco Polo ACTIVITY have a passion for mobility that meets almost every need.

What makes Marco Polo a stylish Camper Van?

Marco Polo: the stylish camper van. Breakfast is conjured up in moments in the high-quality, fully integrated kitchen unit. The scent of fresh coffee awakens the anticipation of another day full of adventure.

Why Park the Marco Polo?

Parking the Marco Polo is child’s play thanks to the optional 360° camera. The Marco Polo combines independence with perceptible comfort and convincing practicality. The camper van with the star is a luxurious companion in almost every situation and creates a holiday atmosphere wherever it goes. Find out more about the Marco Polo.

Was ist der Marco Polo horizon edition?

*The Marco Polo HORIZON EDITION is a special model and only available in Germany. Product may vary after press date on 10.12.2017. 1 Die angegebenen Werte wurden nach dem vorgeschriebenen Messverfahren ermittelt.