Do you put album titles in quotes?

Generally and grammatically speaking, put titles of shorter works in quotation marks but italicize titles of longer works. For example, put a “song title” in quotation marks but italicize the title of the album it appears on.

How do you reference album titles?

Use the following structure to cite an audio recording found online in MLA 9: Singer’s Last Name, Singer’s First Name. “Title of the Song.” Title of the Album, album’s ed., Publisher, Year of publication, track number.

What do you call a song that is the album title?

Material (music or sounds) is stored on an album in sections termed tracks, normally 12 tracks. A music track (often simply referred to as a track) is an individual song or instrumental recording. A track that has the same name as the album is called the title track.

Are album titles underlined?

Typically, album titles are italicized, just like book titles, journal titles, or movie titles. Song titles are enclosed in quotation marks, as is often the case with poem titles, book chapter titles, or article titles.

Do you put quotes around article titles in APA?

Titles of books and reports are italicized or underlined; titles of articles and chapters are in quotation marks. A similar study was done of students learning to format research papers (“Using APA,” 2001).

How do you cite a music album in APA?

Recording Artist or Group. (Date). Title of album in italic sentence case [Album]. Name of music publisher/record label/studio.

How do I name my ep?

Some things you may want to consider are the main theme, the inspiration for the album and a lyric of one of the songs. So, if you’re at a loss on what to name your album we have 10 tips to help spark your creativity.

Was Blondie popular in the 80s?

Blondie were a firm favourite in our household back in the 70s and 80s, and I still have a stack of well-used vinyl. The band gained fame in the late 1970s, and led by Deborah Harry, the American band was a pioneer in the early American punk rock and New Wave scene.

What was Blondie’s first album?

BlondieBlondie / First album

What was the name of Blondie’s second album?

Chrysalis re-released the album in September 1977, when they issued Blondie’s 2nd album ” Plastic Letters “, along with the single ” In the Flesh “. The album reached No. 14 in Australia, where the band had already had a Top 3 hit with “In the Flesh”.

Where does Blondie rank on the 500 Greatest Albums of all time?

In 2020, Rolling Stone included Blondie at number 401 on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Originally recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, New York, August – September 1976 and released on Private Stock (2023) in December 1976, reissued on Chrysalis (1165) in October 1977.

When did Blondie first chart in the UK?

* The band’s debut album, Blondie, did not chart in the UK following its original release, but charted in March 1979 after it was re-released by Chrysalis Records.

What is Blondie Greatest Hits deluxe Redux?

† Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux was released as part of a 2-disc set titled Blondie 4 (0) Ever, which includes Ghosts of Download, the band’s 10th studio album. “—” denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart. The box set includes 15 CD singles, and albums from Blondie to The Hunter are represented.