Do anthias change color?

As protandrous hermaphrodites, all anthias are born female, and in the sudden absence of a male, the largest female will physically and biologically transform into a male. This transformation includes changing into the colors consistent with males and producing sperm. This process can take several weeks.

Can you mix anthias species?

yes. there is always a pecking order, but you can. there are worse fish to combine, anthias are not too aggressive, and after the initial bullying, all will be fine.

Do anthias eat copepods?

They eat small organisms that float around in the water column, including copepods, crustacean larvae, and fish eggs.

Can Squarespot Anthias change gender?

All squarespot anthias begin life as female – some individuals then change sex and become male as adults.

What color are anthias?

The evansi anthias (pseudanthias evansi) is a smaller species of anthias and is also known as the yellowtail goldie. The majority of its body is a rich violet color, however, its tail, dorsal fin, and upper body are yellow.

How many lyretail anthias should I get?

Best approach I have found with anthias, and lyres particularly, is to add at least 3 females. Let them decide who gets to be the male. Lots of space and frequent feedings will help to mitigate aggression.

What do Squarespot fish eat?

Active during the day and spends most of its time swimming above coral reef and feeding on plankton.

Are lyretail anthias good for first time keeper?

They are an excellent choice for the first time anthias keeper. Lyretail anthias are protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning they all start life as females. The dominant fish will turn into a male, changing not only sex, but color and pattern. The male will keep a harem of several females.

How big of a tank does a lyretail anthias need?

Males get large (5 plus inches), and would be cramped in anything smaller than a standard 60-gallon tank (4 foot long). Multiple specimens should obviously be kept in even larger tanks; the larger the better. Lyretail anthias are perfectly suited to be kept in a coral filled reef display.

Are Anthias hermaphrodites?

Lyretail anthias are protogynous hermaphrodites. This means all fish are born female. The dominant fish in the group then becomes male. The sex change can take place as rapidly as a few weeks. This leads to a complex social battle within the group in the wild (and it can happen in your reef tank if you’re not careful).

What colors do Anthias come in?

Lyretail anthias come in some of the brightest colors you’ll find out on a reef. And that applies to the males AND females. Sexually dimorphic, you can quickly sort the two based on the color palette of their scales. Males use a red or pink hue, while females come in an orange or yellow shade.