Did Noreen Clark retire?

WNEP’s Noreen Clark to retire after more than 30 years forecasting in all kinds of weather. With more than a month to go Noreen Clark is certain of the April 29 forecast. It will be her last on WNEP-TV after more than 35½ years on air.

When did Tom Clark retire from Wnep?

Clark retired on December 30, 2016, after a long career out in the cold, rain, wind, snow, and sun.

How old is Tom Clark Wnep?

Clark, 64, retired, taking a buyout offered by WNEP’s parent company, Tribune Media Co.

Who is Joe Snedeker married to?

Joe Snedeker Wife Snedeker got married to Dawn and are blessed with three children (Joseph, Luke, Leah).

Are Joe Snedeker and Noreen Clark related?

First cousins! Sorry to see end of The Clark’s on weather reporting.

Who are Wnep meteorologists?

Kurt Aaron is WNEP’s Chief Meteorologist.

  • Stacy Lange. Stacy is a reporter and weekend anchor with WNEP-TV.
  • Andy Palumbo. Andy joined WNEP-TV in 1998 as a weekend producer.
  • Chief Meteorologist Kurt Aaron. Kurt Aaron is WNEP’s Chief Meteorologist.

Who retired from Wnep?

MOOSIC, Pa. — We’re saying farewell to two members of our WNEP family who you may not know but have played a huge role in what you see here every day. Our General Manager Chuck Morgan and our News Director Carl Abraham are retiring.

Did Stacy Lange have a baby?

Little Owen was born Monday to Stacy and her husband Jake. SCRANTON, Pa. — We want to introduce you to the newest member of the WNEP family. Owen Noah us the first child of our Stacy Lange and her husband Jake.

How many children does Joe Snedeker have?

Snedeker got married to Dawn and are blessed with three children (Joseph, Luke, Leah). He played touch football, hockey, cycling and worked at WNEP-TV on weekends.

Who is Julie sidoni married to?

Attorney Jeffrey Yelen
She lives there with her husband, Attorney Jeffrey Yelen, and her two sons, Charlie and Jack. “I have loved serving my community all these years through my work at WNEP.

Where is Sarah buynovsky going?

Sarah – is leaving to focus on her family and 4 kids. You see Sarah on television as a polished, smart, credible, calm presence before sunr…

Who is Sarah buynovsky married to?

Buynovsky has been married to her lovely spouse, Josh, for quite a long time now. As a result of their marriage, the couple shares four children together. It is known that she is a huge Orange fan and spends a lot of time heading up I-81 for football and basketball games with her family.