Can you study CIMA online?

Distance learning with The official CIMA online resource is It’s ideal if you live in an area where there is little or no tuition provision, or just if you prefer to self-study at your own pace. Courses are now available for Certificate, Operational, Management and Strategic level subjects.

Can I study CIMA on my own?

Anyone can study CIMA, with or without previous experience. If you do already have relevant qualifications in business or finance, you might not need to take all of the CIMA exams. You can study it as a stand-alone qualification or as a stepping-stone to the CIMA Professional Qualification.

How long does CIMA Strategic level take?

CIMA Strategic develops your leadership and strategic management abilities, and teaches you about risk management and financial strategy. You also take a Case Study, which tests your overall knowledge of the level. You’ll take around 12 months to complete the level.

Is CIMA worth doing?

As someone who has passed them all, and moved on to a MUCH higher paying job, let me tell you that CIMA is indeed worth it. CIMA is an internationally recognised qualification, giving you the necessary skills to succeed as a Management Accountant or many other roles.

What is CIMA qualification equivalent to?

Master’s degree
Full completion of the CIMA qualification, including the practical experience requirement, is broadly equivalent to a Master’s degree and has post-graduate status in the UK.

How many hours a week should I study for CIMA?

eight hours
As you can set the exam dates yourself, it’s tempting to keep postponing. Before you know it, you are taking twice as long to complete the level so it’s important to stay focused. Aim for completion within six to 12 months. You should dedicate six to eight hours per week to study.

Is CIMA recognized in Canada?

Answer: CIMA has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with CMA Canada. This MRA is administered province by province and you will have to apply to the province where you live to see what their specific rules of entry are. As a general rule, members must: Have a university degree or the equivalent of a university degree.

What is the CIMA pass mark?

The CIMA states that you need a 70% accuracy to pass each objective test. At the same time, they tell you the CIMA exam pass mark is 100. Please understand that you are given a scaled score ranging from 0 to 150.

Is CIMA equivalent to a Master’s degree?

Full completion of the CIMA qualification, including the practical experience requirement, is broadly equivalent to a Master’s degree and has post-graduate status in the UK.

Is CIMA higher than a degree?

Which Cima levels do we offer online?

We offer online courses for all 4 CIMA levels. 1 Certificate. The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA), gives you fundamental knowledge of business and accounting. 2 Operational. 3 Management. 4 Strategic. 5 Gateway.

What is the Cima gateway?

If you have an MBA or Masters in Accountancy, the CIMA Gateway allows you to progress straight to the Strategic Level of the CIMA Professional Qualification upon successful completion of the Management Level Case Study exam. Why study with Kaplan? “Transferring to Kaplan’s Live Online has been the best decision I have made for my career.

What is cimastudy planner?

What is CIMAStudy Planner? CIMA’s online community where you can network with fellow students and access FREE resources. We’ll send you exam tips and offers about CIMA courses. Are you currently a CIMAstudy student?

What is a CIMA Certificate in business accounting?

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting is the entry level qualification into business accounting. No prior knowledge or qualifications are needed. If you have an accountancy or finance degree, or are AAT qualified, you may be eligible to start studying CIMA at the Professional qualification.