Can you make the Vjolt as Chris?

As soon as Plant 42 grabs Chris, you’ll gain control of Rebecca. Run back to the lab and make V-Jolt as described above. Run to the shark area and apply it the same way. You’ll return to Chris.

How do you make V-jolt Rebecca?

The solution for the puzzle and to create the V-JOLT is:

  1. Combine water (represented by the 1) and UMB No. 3 to make NP-004.
  2. Combine NP-004 and Yellow-6 to make UMB No.
  3. Combine 1 and Yellow-6 to make UMB No.
  4. Combine UMB No. 10 and UMB No. 7 to make VP-017.
  5. Combine VP-017 and UMB No. 3 to make V-JOLT.

Where is the V-jolt report?

In our calculation, it will take less than 5 seconds to destroy Plant 42 if we put the “V-JOLT” directly on the root….”V-JOLT” REPORT.

UMB No.2 Green
V-JOLT (UMB No.16) Brown

How do you get into Room 003?

Location. On the first game, the key is on the basement storeroom of the Guardhouse, but on arrange mode it is on the sink of the bathroom from room 002. On the remake, the key is placed on the desk underneath the giant beehive inside the Gallery.

How do you make a J Volt?

Combine the UMB-10 and UMB-7 to make VP-017. Finally, fill another bottle with UMB-3 and combine it with VP-017 to make V-Jolt.

How do you get into room 003?

How do you use V jolt?

Once you have the V-Jolt, head back to the catwalk where the sharks were earlier. There will be a room with a small part of the plant in it, use the V-Jolt solution on the plant. Go around to Plant 42’s lair and after a brief cut scene the plant will wither away and die.

How do I get to the room 003 in Resident Evil?

How do you get into the gallery in Resident Evil?

The word “GALLERY” is imprinted on it. A small metal key with a red handle. This key is used to enter the Gallery in the Guardhouse Residence.

Where is the residence Resident Evil?

Go past room 003. Keep on going down the hallway. Take the Insecticide Spray, head to the outside hallway. To the right of room 002, there’s the Residence Map.

What is V-jolt and how is it made?

It’s a distinctively brown liquid, and was created when infected plants showed that certain cells would die when reacting with certain chemicals. V-JOLT is specifically created as a herbicide, especially Plant 42 and 43. It should be noted that in the 2002 version of Resident Evil, V-JOLT is made through a different puzzle solution.

How to get the V-jolt in Resident Evil Outbreak?

The solution above is for the REmake version only. V-JOLT in Outbreak. In Resident Evil Outbreak, the VP-017 and UMB No.3 are the only ones necessary to make the V-JOLT, and there’s no puzzle nor other combinations. It is used to weaken the Monster Plant to ensure further access into the laboratory.

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How do you make the V-jolt in the Mansion Incident?

Written on the wall just left of the door to the chemical room during the Mansion Incident is information regarding the creation of the chemical. ” 1+3:4, 4+6:10, 1+6:7, 10+7:17, 17+3:20. ” The above numbers are a hint for the puzzle. The player is given four empty bottles and each must be used to make the V-JOLT .