Can I have 2 DStv decoders?

XtraView is a way to keep the whole family happy. With XtraView, you can link either two or three decoders together under ONE subscription (and only pay a monthly Access Fee for the other decoders). When linking two decoders, you will pay your normal monthly subscription plus ONE Access Fee.

Can I connect 2 Explora decoders?

Use a Smart LNB to connect two DStv Explora decoders on Extra View. If you have no intention of connecting extra TV points using RF Out ports then the connection is straightforward. Simply run two RG6 cables directly from the Explora decoders to the Unicable ports on the Smart LNB.

How do you connect two decoders together?

First, connect the coaxial cable of each decoder to the smart LNB. If you have recent or newer decoder models then use the uni-cable ports on the smart LNB. Otherwise, if you have old decoder models then you can use the universal port. Remember Explora decoders use the uni-cable ports.

How do I connect multiple decoder to my TV?

Firstly, to connect dstv decoder to 2 extra TVs, connect one side of the F-connected cable wire to your RF – OUT port in the DStv decoder. Insert the other F-connected end of the cable wire in to the INPUT port of a double output signal splitter.

How much is DStv PVR monthly?

DStv Premium costs R829 per month with 157 channels. DStv Compact Plus costs R539 per month with 143 channels. DStv Compact costs R409 per month with 126 channels. DStv Family costs R295 per month with 90 channels.

What is PVR access fee?

PVR Access Fee means the fee payable to MultiChoice by Subscribers who own a PVR, to gain access to the PVR functionalities and features.

What is PVR on DSTV?

Our personal video recorder (PVR) decoders allow viewers greater control over their viewing experience. With the following exciting features: Record 150 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD TV. View one, record one simultaneously.

How do I split my DSTV to another TV?

Re: How to connect two TV sets to a 4U DSTV decoder in different rooms. Wire from the dish goes into decoder as per normal. Connect the tv closest to the decoder via the hdmi / av cables to that tv. Take the out cable at the back of the decoder to the other tv, no splitter needed.

How does a DSTV splitter work?

This Active RF Splitter is used to connect 3 x Explora’s / HDPVR / Multichoice Decoders on DSTV XtraView. You will run a coaxial cable from the RF out port on each of your three decoders into the input of this splitter. This splitter also have two outputs that can run to aditional RF splitters to run to multiple TV’s.

What decoders can be used with DStv PVR?

When linking three decoders together, the primary decoder MUST be a DStv Explora. If linking the SD PVR in XtraView, this decoder cannot be the primary decoder.

What is a personal video recorder (PVR)?

Our personal video recorder (PVR) decoders allow viewers greater control over their viewing experience. With the following exciting features: While watching live TV you no longer have to miss any of our world-famous entertainment.

What type of decoder do I need for my NextPVR?

If you don’t have a decoder you require, NextPVR will tell you what type of decoder it’s missing. Here are some example decoder requirements for common user groups: USA/Canada: Usually require MPEG-2 video decoder, MPEG1 audio and AC3 audio decoders.

What is the best decoder for H264 video?

For H.264 video, we recommend the ‘Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder’, which is included with most versions of Windows. Other good H.264 decoder include the ‘LAV Video Decoder’. The ArcSoft decoder, included with various Hauppauge applications is also a good alternative.