Can employers delay auto Enrolment?

An employer can choose to delay assessing and therefore enrolling; an individual, some, or all of their staff into a pension scheme for up to three months. They must write to their staff to tell them they’re postponing automatic enrolment for them.

What does postponement period mean?

You can choose to delay assessing and auto-enrolling employees into your workplace pension for up to three months, as long as you have a valid business reason for doing so. This is called the postponement period.

Can you opt in during postponement?

Can an employee opt-in during postponement period? Yes. If your employee writes to you during the postponement period requesting that they want to join your workplace pension scheme, you must put them into your scheme.

Who regulates automatic Enrolment?

Automatic enrolment is regulated by the Pensions Regulator.

Is auto Enrolment a legal requirement?

By law, all eligible jobholders must be auto enrolled into your pension scheme. But in addition to these people, other non-eligible jobholders or entitled workers have the right to join the scheme if they want to. If they do opt-in, you must contribute to their pension pot.

How soon do I have to auto Enrol a new employee?

You have up to six weeks to enrol eligible and non-eligible jobholders from the date they become eligible for automatic enrolment so it’s possible to have an enrolment date which is later than the start date. It’s important to enter the correct start date as you can’t amend a worker’s start date after they’re enrolled.

How long can you postpone auto Enrolment for new employees?

three months
You can postpone for up to three months. You can postpone as many or as few staff as you like and the postponement period doesn’t have to be the same length for everyone.

How soon do I have to auto-Enrol a new employee?

What is the qualifying criteria for auto enrolment?

To be eligible for auto enrolment, employees must: Be at least 22 years old, but under State Pension age.

What is an eligible job holder for auto enrolment?

Eligible jobholders They are called this because they are ‘eligible’ for automatic enrolment. These are workers who: are aged at least 22 but under state pension age.

When can I postpone automatic enrolment?

You can only postpone automatic enrolment from: 1 your duties start date 2 a staff member’s first day of employment 3 the date a staff member first meets the age and earnings criteria to be put into a pension scheme that you also pay into. More

How do you notify employees of an auto enrolment delay?

You don’t have to stick to a single period for everyone. You need to write to all affected employees individually, to let them know that auto enrolment has been postponed, along with the date when they’ll now be assessed. The communication you use to do this is called a postponement notice.

How do I set up an automatic postponement rule?

Use the instructions below to create a new automatic postponement rule. 2 – Select Automatic Postponements. The next screen will let you select a postponement period. If you have already set an automatic postponement period, the rule will be shown on this page. 3 – Choose how long you wish to postpone your members for.

How many employees can I use postponement for?

You can use postponement for one employee, a group of them or the entire workforce. Postponement can begin: On the day an employee turns 22, or their earnings increase to meet the minimum earnings threshold for auto enrolment.