Are poly tanks safe for drinking water?

Plastic tanks are manufactured from food-grade safe, BPA-free polyethylene plastic so they’re 100% safe for storing drinking water.

How long does a poly water tank last?

Poly water tanks can last a long time, up to 20 years or more. The material can withstand the harsh effects of the Sun due to UV-stabilisers added to the moulding mix.

What is the biggest poly water tank?

Poly water tanks often end at around the capacity of 50,000 litres. At National Poly Industries, our largest storage tank sold holds 37,200 litres of water (8,200 imperial gallons).

How deep can you bury a poly water tank?

1 meter
You can usually bury a poly water storage tank underground up to 1 meter. You will need to dig your hole at least 12 inches wider than the diameter of your tank and prepare the standard foundations for them.

Are poly tanks BPA free?

Poly Water Tanks, or Polyethylene Water Tanks, are constructed from a lightweight, low cost, versatile plastic, which is free from BPA. Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic in the world, and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic.

What is safest material for water tank?

Always choose the high-quality low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) material and food-grade plastic material. These are safe to use and are durable. Plastic water storage tanks for homes are available with many layers. These multiple layers protect the tanks from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

What is the best material for a water tank?

While there are plenty of options available, the best material for water tanks is plastic. Being made up of polyethylene, these tanks are non-corrosive and are designed for long life. The best part is that these tanks don’t suffer from rust or corrosion, unlike metal and concrete.

Can you partially bury a poly water tank?

Partially Burying Your Tank That said, regular above ground poly tanks can be partially buried. It is important to dig your hole 300mm (12 inches) wider than the base diameter of your tank. If two tanks are to be buried side-by-side then separate holes must be dug. Your tank foundations must be prepared as per normal.

How long do underground water tanks last?

30 to 40 years
How long do underground tanks usually last? Underground storage tanks are supposed to last 30 to 40 years. However, rate of corrosion and tank failure is completely dependent on tank type, installation, and site circumstances.

Where are polypolymaster rainwater tanks made?

Polymaster Group’s range of poly rainwater tanks are manufactured and distributed across Victoria, South Australia, and Southern New South Wales.

Why choose poly rainwater tanks?

WA NT NSW ACT TAS QLD SA VIC OzPoly rainwater tanks are manufactured to the highest degree of quality. Poly water tanks provide pure rainwater for your family and are an excellent way to save water. Furthermore, using poly water tanks will provide ongoing economic, social and environmental benefits to your local area of North QLD.

Who are ozpoly water tanks made by?

In fact, OzPoly have been making water tanks since 1983 and is one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced poly tank manufacturers. OzPoly is apart of Bushman Tanks who are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of water tanks, rainwater tanks, industrial tanks and associated products.

What is a Poly Tank used for?

Poly tanks can be used extensively as part of the reticulated stock watering system on rural properties. They are also a fantastic addition to any house and garden as it can provide water for many applications including filling the pool, washing the car, showers, toilets, washing dishes and clothes.