Are Deceuninck windows any good?

Deceuninck windows and doors are A++ rated for energy efficiency. They can be double or triple glazed and are compatible with a range of durable and attractive hardware. With this in mind, Deceuninck uPVC windows prices are some of the best the industry has to offer.

What kind of company is Deceuninck?

PVC systems
Deceuninck NV is a Belgian designer and producer of PVC systems for windows and doors, interior, roofline & cladding and terraces. The company extrudes PVC and the single base material Twinson.

Where is Deceuninck from?

Deceuninck N.V. evolved from a business founded in Beveren-Roeselare, Belgium, by Benari Deceuninck in 1937. The company was a pioneering producer of small plastic products for the Belgian market, including buttons, belt buckles, and similar items.

What do Deceuninck do?

Deceuninck focuses on sustainable building. Based on the technologies of PVC extrusion and the patented Twinson material, we develop innovative products for windows and doors, outdoor living, façade and roof cladding and interior design.

Where are Kommerling windows made?

Nearly a quarter of all frames made within Europe use Kömmerling. Kommerling frames are durable, low maintenance, and configurable to multiple shapes, sizes, and styles. All frames are tested for resistance under extreme conditions. The integrated multi-point locking system on Kömmerling uPVC windows offer proven …

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Is Kommerling a good brand?

KÖMMERLING The premium brand with a global reputation In the area of PVC sheets, Kömmerling is one of the global leading brands. KÖMMERLING enjoys an excellent reputation for its high quality and advanced technologies and it set itself the goal of producing window and door profiles for premium demands.

How do you tell who manufactured your windows?

Finding the Manufacturer’s Name On Your Window The easiest way to immediately identify a window is by locating the name of the manufacturer itself on the product. Some companies, like Acorn, Caradco and Hurd, stamp their name on the window hardware—this would generally be on the handles, sash locks or other hardware.

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Why choose Deceuninck?

Deceuninck offers roofline and cladding solutions in our unique Twinson single base material and PVC. combine elegance with a minimum of maintenance. Your building’s exterior will retain its attractive look for years, without cumbersome and time-consuming painting or staining.

Why uPVC with Deceuninck?

Deceuninck offers a wide range of PVC wall and ceiling panels in traditional or contemporary styles. Why uPVC windows? Deceuninck offers a wide range of energy-efficient PVC windows to give your home an elegant look that will last for years.

Why choose dedeceuninck PVC windows and doors?

Deceuninck PVC windows and doors provide the absolute top in insulation. All our PVC windows and doors are available in a broad range of colours and finishes. They retain their beauty for years with a minimum of maintenance. A terrace made of our innovative, PEFC-certified Twinson material provides years of comfortable outdoor living.

Why choose a Deceuninck Terrace?

The terrace made of our innovative, PEFC-certified Twinson material provides years of comfortable outdoor living. Deceuninck’s roofline and cladding solutions combine elegance with a minimum of maintenance. Deceuninck offers a wide range of PVC wall and ceiling panels in traditional or contemporary styles.