Are all propane quick connects the same?

Yes, all of the low-pressure propane quick-disconnect fittings in North America (regardless of brand) are the same… but they’re different from high-pressure fittings, and different from fittings for natural gas. This style is often called a “Model 250”, because one of the manufacturers calls it that.

Can you use a quick disconnect for natural gas?

The hose and connectors are is 3/8 inch diameter and capable of supporting appliances up to 60,000 BTU. This hose is ANSI certified for quick disconnect and can be used with natural gas and liquid propane. The quick disconnect consists of a 3/8 inch female quick disconnect and a 3/8 inch female NPT.

Are natural gas quick connects Safe?

Quick Disconnect Gas Connectors have a “thermal shut-off” safety feature which automatically shuts off the gas flow when internal temperatures exceed 350ºF.

What size RV quick connect propane?

This 1/4″ Quick-Connect is the standard size found on nearly all RV’s. Just connect the male end of the Torjik QUICK-Y into the standard female quick-connect port found on most RV’s. Now you have TWO female quick-connects available!

Are propane quick connects Safe?

KIBOW 10 Feet Propane Quick-Connect Hose and Valve provides a quick connection to connect most low-pressure propane appliances to RVs’ on-board propane supply. Very safe and convenient. – Quick-connect with shutoff ball valve. Very safe and convenient.

Are propane and natural gas hoses interchangeable?

The two are not interchangeable; each fuel source requires special gas utilization fittings. If you want to switch between the two, you’ll need a conversion kit for the appliances’ manufacturer for the installation process.

Can I use air fittings for propane?

They work fine. You can use air connectors, but it is really better if you use the “propane” connectors, so that an accident doesn’t happen by hooking up the incorrect item.

What size are RV propane lines?

The fitting that attaches your supply hose to your RV’s main propane line will typically be a 1/2″ or 3/8″ flare fitting.

Will this propane hose disconnect kit work with propane lines?

I believed the top level description of the product which states clearly “LP Gas Propane Hose Quick Disconnect Kit, 100% Solid Brass”. No fuzz on this — it should work with propane lines. I wasted $29 on two of these and they are useless for my propane devices. If you have propane appliances, look elsewhere.

What is the best quick connect kit for propane?

KIBOW 100% Solid Brass Propane/Natural Gas Quick-Connect Kit 3/8 inch Male Pipe Thread x 3/8 inch Female Pipe Thread- CSA Certified. . . . . Malida Quick Push to Connector, Water Tube Fitting,1/4″ Tube OD x 3/8″ Tube OD Reducing Straight Union ,for RO Water Systems,Water Purifiers Tube Fittings.

Can you use a propane line quick connector on a camper?

Note that this does NOT work with the standard propane line quick connects that are common on campers and other propane hoses. It is much larger. So, to be clear – this will not work with camp stoves, existing propane hoses, camco connectors, or anything else. I’m not sure where you would even use this?

Will a 3/8 inch flare fit on a propane hose?

It does not fit the 3/8 inch flare on propane hoses. I was able to find the adapter fitting I needed in the plumbing department of a big-box store.