Why megmegaroller rollers?

Megaroller produces a range of robust rollers that address the shortcomings of conventional steel rollers, optimise the efficiency of roller components and maximize longevity to ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership for companies.

Who are Britain’s ‘Brits abroad’?

The phrase “Brits abroad” often conjures up images of retirees enjoying the sun. But the reality is far more complex and even something of a puzzle. Official figures suggest there are about three-quarters-of-a-million Britons living in the EU and that the majority are not retirees but workers – many of them young.

How does the megaroller anti-seize technology work?

The roller utilizes Megaroller’s innovative Anti-Seize Technology, comprising a side flinger which remains static while the roller is running. This protects the sealing arrangement against any spillage that could get lodged between the shaft and the roller’s side face.