Why is my Hoist not working?

Possible Cause: (i) Hoist has been loaded with excessive load. (ii) Open lowering circuit or shorted winding in reversing contactor coil. (iii) Loose connection or broken wire in circuit. (iv) Control station contacts not working properly.

What is the problem with cranes?

Damage or Degradation to the Wire Rope Birdcaging, corrosion, abrasion, and extreme wear are a few of the problems that can affect wire rope on an overhead crane. The best way to prevent damage or failure is to inspect your wire rope regularly.

How does chain hoist brake work?

Chain hoist has got two chain loops – hand chain and lifting chain. Hand chain sits on a wheel located in the lifting mechanism, it needs to be pulled by hand in order to lift a load. The wheel inside the lifting mechanism has got special pockets that allow the hand chain to move the wheel.

How does an electric chain hoist work?

Electric Chain Hoist Electric chain hoists use a load chain as the lifting medium. The load chain is pulled by a motor that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy used to lift the load. The force is concentrated as it passes through the series of gears that rotate the chain wheel to pull the load.

What is hoist motor?

The hoist motor as container cranes drive using large energy at the container terminal. Hoist motor of container crane serves to move the spreader in the direction up or down. Worked continuously during loading and unloading operations. The CC hoist motor is the largest motor, mounted on machinery house.

How do you stop a swinging load?

You should familiarize yourself with how to stop it. In some cases, you can do it by gradually pulling your throttle in the opposite direction of the way your crane is swinging. In others, moving your boom up and down repeatedly will steady the crane. The key is to counteract the motion of your crane to get it to stop.

Why does the crane need to rotate?

Why does the crane need to rotate? Rotate means to turn around an axis or centre point. It has an input force or effort from the diagonal cables right at the top of the crane pulling the jib up, and a load pulling the jib down.

How do you check brake hoist?

To test the holding brakes, we simply raise the load a few inches and stop hoisting. Holding brakes set automatically. Now we need to test the control lowering. Control braking exists to prevent the load from accelerating in the lowering direction.

What is the difference between chain hoist and chain block?

Chain hoists are normally suspended with hooks, or integrated with a running trolley that enables it to lift objects and transport it across a facility. Hence, a chain block is more suited for operations like lifting motorcycles or any object in a storage garage.

How does a hoist motor work?

When a signal is transmitted from the controller (1), the electric panel (2) supplies power to the motor (4) and releases the brake. The motor (4) drives the hoisting gear (5) which drives the hoisting drum (6). The hoisting gear (5) reduces the rotation speed and increases the torque to lift the load.

What is hoist mechanism?

A hoist can simply be defined as a device used for lifting or lowering loads via sets of chains or wheels. Therefore, lift hoist mechanism mainly highlights the various designs or types of lifts that are available in the market.

Which motor used in lifts?

Lifts are preferred by AC slip ring or DC compound motor. In case of single phase installation, the commutator motors are preferred. Variable Frequency drive electronic controls are used in the latest lift designs.

What to do if Demag won’t repair the equipt?

Now get something done at least… (1)find Demag’s details and phone/ write to them for trouble-shooting info, or even better, tell your boss it will be safer if Demag comes out and does the fault-find and repair themselves. (Maybe the equipt is still under warranty?)

What is the problem in Demag Cranes?

The problem in Demag cranes occur when there is a problem in electronic board of the panels or their connections. In fact, there are three Electronic boards communicating through CanBus communication protocol. One at Bridge panel, second at Trolley panel and third in Pendent Control.

How do I troubleshoot my Demag DC chain hoist?

Demag recommends you keep a spare control cable and pendant on hand for troubleshooting by substitution. Troubleshooting any Demag DC Chain Hoist is easy with the 7-segment LED interface located on the bottom of the hoist body or under the electrical cover.

What does the data plate on a Demag hoist tell you?

Like you might expect, the data plate on a Demag hoist gives you a lot of useful information for maintenance, troubleshooting, and replacing hoist units in the future. It gives information like model, year of manufacture, type of hoist, lift speed, reeving, hook path and serial number.