Why is it called Disco Kroger Atlanta?

The store is nicknamed “Disco Kroger” because it used to be next to a dance club in the 1980s. The grocery chain hasn’t said why its leaving but the shopping center owner hopes to replace the Kroger with another grocery store. Several Krogers in Atlanta have fun and unique nicknames.

Where was the Disco Kroger?

That’s the word from Regency Centers, which owns the 3330 Piedmont Road shopping center where Disco Kroger has operated since its patrons were boogying at a nightclub next door in the mid-1970s, as Reporter Newspapers first reported today.

How did each Kroger get its nickname?

They got them the old-fashioned way: They earned them. The first store to pick up a moniker was the Buckhead branch on Piedmont Road; it opened in 1976 as one of the first 24-hour Krogers in town.

How many Krogers are in metro Atlanta?

Kroger operates 130 stores in metro Atlanta alone.

What is replacing Disco Kroger?

[EXCLUSIVE] Publix to Replace “Disco Kroger” in Buckhead.

Is Montrose Kroger closing?

It’s the end of an era. The Houston grocery store known widely as Disco Kroger is closing. The company announced the location at 3300 Montrose Boulevard in Montrose will shut down in mid-January 2021.

Does Atlanta have Kroger?

Atlanta is home to several Krogers spread out across the city and each one of them has a stigma that has earned it a notorious name.

When did Kroger open in Atlanta?

It opened Aug. 12. And though roughly the size of the company’s multidepartment Marketplace stores, including some in the Atlanta market, the store does not include the apparel and jewelry assortments typical of those units, and so goes by the Kroger banner, a spokeswoman said.

Where is the largest Kroger?

The Kroger Marketplace store in Centerville, at 147,000 square feet, is the nation’s largest Kroger store.

Where is the biggest Kroger in Georgia?

A new Kroger Marketplace on Mall Boulevard in Florence Square in Savannah opened today, marking the largest Kroger store in Georgia and the Southeast. The more than 125,000-s.f. store brings 267 new jobs to the community and offers shoppers more than 97,000 s.f. of merchandise.

Is Kroger closing its doors?

Kroger made headlines earlier this year when it started shutting down some of its stores and laying off hundreds of employees in Southern California and Seattle after hazard pay ordinances passed in both areas. Now, the grocery store chain is closing even more locations, and this time, the stores are further east.

Why did Kroger shut down?

Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US which makes hundred of millions of dollars in profits, is shutting down grocery stores and laying off scores of employees in response to local hazard pay rules for essential workers even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage.