Why does my trailer have 6 wires?

6 way connectors include the basic connection of running lights, brake lights, turn signals and a ground wire. They also have one wire for trailer brakes and one wire for a battery connection.

What is the black wire on a 6 pin trailer plug?

What is the Color Code for 6-Way Trailer Wiring?

  1. Green: Right turn/brake light.
  2. Yellow: Left turn/brake light.
  3. Brown: Tail/running lights.
  4. White: Ground wire.
  5. Blue: Brake controller output.
  6. Red or Black: Battery hot lead.

What is the difference between a 6 pin and 7 pin trailer plug?

Many different harness types are used to connect tow vehicles’ power sources to the electrical wiring on trailers. The difference between a 6-pin system and a 7-pin is that the 7-pin has a connection for backup lights. What systems are required by law for your trailer depends on where you live.

How do you test a 6 pin trailer plug?

You will need to use a circuit tester, item # PTW2992 if needed, to test the pins in the 6-Way connector at the rear of your vehicle. Ground the alligator clip to the vehicle chassis and touch the test light to the center pin. If the light in the tester lights then the center pin is hot, 12 volts.

What color is running lights on trailer?

Trailer Wiring Has 5-Wires White, Yellow, Green, Yellow/Brown, and Green/Brown On a 4-Way flat trailer wiring harness, white is the ground, brown is running lights, yellow is left turn signal and green is right turn signal.

How to hook up trailer light plug?

Prepare for Trailer Wiring Installation. Start by making sure you have everything you need to wire your trailer lights.

  • Connect Ground to Trailer Frame. Attach the white ground wire directly to a clean,bare section of the trailer frame using a self-tapping screw and ring terminal.
  • Run Wires Along Trailer Frame. Run the rest of the wires along the trailer frame to the taillights.
  • Make Trailer Connections. Once the wires have been run to their respective appropriate locations,it’s time to make the connections to your trailer’s lights.
  • What is a 6 gauge wire?

    6 Gauge Stranded THHN Wire 6 gauge ( AWG ) stranded THHN wire. THHN wire is commonly used in commercial wiring and residential wiring applications. THHN wire is rated to 600V, 90C and has a coated nylon insulation allowing for easy pulling of the wire through conduit.

    What is a 6 wire cable?

    6 Wire Trailer Cable is manufactured with a PVC over-all jacket outside and general purpose primary wire inside. The single conductors are stranded copper, and each conductor is color-coded for identification purposes.

    How to wire trailer brakes?

    Install the 6 conductor cable in the trailer frame.

  • Connect the green wire to the right turn/stop lamp.
  • Connect the yellow wire to the left turn/stop lamp.
  • Connect the blue wire to the trailer brakes.
  • Connect the brown wire to the tail lights on both sides of the trailer and to the side marker lights.