Why did Taylor Swift wrote a song about Tim McGraw?

Swift and Liz Rose penned “Tim McGraw.” It was written while Swift was still in school. “This song means so much to me, that’s why we wanted it to be the first track on the album,” Swift explains. “The idea for this song came to me in math class. I just started singing to myself, ‘When you think Tim McGraw.

What song is Taylor Swift singing about in Tim McGraw?

In the lyrics, Swift wants her boyfriend to remember all the times they danced to her favorite Tim McGraw song. The song in question, she told CMT, is “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” from McGraw’s 2004 album, Live Like You Were Dying. Swift met McGraw for the first time in the midst of singing this tune at the 2007 ACM Awards.

Who wrote Tim McGraw Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift
Liz Rose
Tim McGraw/Composers

Is Taylor Swift a genius?

In retrospect, Taylor Swift surely has a streak of genius. Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer songwriter. According to some acclaimed websites, she is said to have an IQ of 160. As a matter of fact, she is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest singer ever to sign at age 11.

Are Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw friends?

Swift and McGraw have since become friends, and Swift opened for McGraw and Faith Hill on their Soul2Soul II Tour. The pair also collaborated together on McGraw’s 2013 hit “Highway Don’t Care.”

Is Taylor Swift good at math?

The Tay Onion on Instagram: “Mathematicians around the globe have confirmed that Taylor Swift is perfect. “Mathematically, she fits the exact proportions for the ideal…”

Why is the song called Tim McGraw?

Taylor Swift and Liz Rose wrote “Tim McGraw” during Swift’s freshman year at Hendersonville High School. McGraw’s mentioning was a reference to Swift’s favorite song, “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” from his 2004 album Live Like You Were Dying, rather than McGraw as a person.

Does Tim McGraw play an instrument?

Tim McGraw learned how to play guitar in college to get girls. It worked, too, he said, but he wasn’t — and still isn’t — very good at guitar. 1 song, “Don’t Take the Girl,” McGraw describes his ability on the instrument as “very average.” …