Who won OU Texas game 2008?

1 Sooners nearly all game, Colt McCoy and the No. 5 Longhorns grabbed control in the fourth quarter and refused to let go, pulling away for a 45-35 victory Saturday in one of the greatest games in the storied series between these Red River rivals.

What is the record between OU and Texas?

Texas leads the series all-time at 62-50-5. However, OU has been better than . 500 since the end of World War II and is 16-7 since 2000.

Why did they change the name of the Red River Shootout?

In 2005, the game was sponsored by SBC Communications and the name was changed to SBC Red River Rivalry, replacing the word “shootout” out of a desire not to convey an attitude of condoning gun violence. One year later, SBC merged with AT, changing the game’s name to AT Red River Rivalry.

Why is it called the Red River Showdown?

The series is one of the major rivalries in NCAA football and in all of American sports. The name is derived from the Red River that forms part of the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma that has in the past caused conflict between the two states, most notably the 1931 Red River Bridge War.

How many national championships does Texas have?

Texas Longhorns football
Claimed national titles 4 (1963, 1969, 1970, 2005)
Unclaimed national titles 5 (1914, 1941, 1968, 1977, 1981)
Conference titles 32
Rivalries Oklahoma (rivalry) Texas Tech (rivalry) Arkansas (rivalry; dormant) Nebraska (rivalry; dormant) Texas A&M (rivalry; dormant) Baylor (rivalry) TCU (rivalry)

How many times has OU beat Texas Longhorns?

Red River Showdown

Meetings total 117
All-time series Texas leads, 62–50–5 (.551)
Largest victory Oklahoma, 65–13 (2003)
Longest win streak Texas, 8 (1940–1947, 1958–1965)

Is the Cotton Bowl stadium still used?

The Cotton Bowl is an outdoor stadium in Dallas, Texas, United States. Opened in 1930 as Fair Park Stadium, it is on the site of the State Fair of Texas, known as Fair Park….Cotton Bowl (stadium)

Renovated 1936, 1968, 1993, 2008
Expanded 1948–1949, 1993, 2008
Construction cost $328,200 ($5.08 million in 2020)

Who won 2018 Red River Rivalry?

No. 5 Oklahoma comes back from 21-point deficit to beat No. 23 Texas, 54-48. Oklahoma rode an impressive performance from a freshman quarterback and rallied from an early deficit to beat Texas 54-48 Saturday in the latest wild and unpredictable meeting in the Red River Showdown.