Who were The Raconteurs?

Jack WhiteGuitar
Brendan BensonGuitarJack LawrenceBass guitarPatrick KeelerDrum KitMark Watrous
The Raconteurs/Members

Why did The Raconteurs change their name?

In 2006, the band were forced to change their name in Australia due to a conflict with a Queensland jazz band who already went by the name The Raconteurs. Speaking to Double J this week, White said, “I love that there was a band with that name”. “It was great to have a different name some place in the world.”

Are The Raconteurs still together?

The Raconteurs (/ˌrækɒnˈtɜːrz/, also known as The Saboteurs in Australia) is an American rock band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 2005….

The Raconteurs
Genres Alternative rock garage rock blues rock indie rock
Years active 2005–2014, 2018–present
Labels Third Man Warner XL V2

Who are the racketeers?

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Why white stripes break up?

In a surprise news posting on Jack White’s Third Man Records website, The White Stripes officially announced that they have broken up. “The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue,” the post reads. “Nor any health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health.

Is The White Stripes still together?

Groundbreaking blues rock duo The White Stripes have announced they’ve split up after 13 years together. The band, comprising of Jack White and ex-wife Meg White released a statement saying they ‘will make no further new recordings or perform live. ‘

Is Jack White part of the Raconteurs?

What band was Jack White in?

The White Stripes1997 – 2011
The RaconteursSince 2005The Dead WeatherSince 2009The UpholsterersGoober & the Peas1995
Jack White/Music groups
White surprised fans by starting a third band, The Dead Weather, while The White Stripes and The Raconteurs were still active. White is primarily a drummer and vocalist for “The Dead Weather”, with Dean Fertita acting as guitarist. “The Dead Weather” released their debut album “Horehound” in 2009.

Who are the members of the Raconteurs?

The Raconteurs – YouTube The Raconteurs are Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler.The new album HELP US STRANGER is out now – listen here: https://theraconteu… The Raconteurs are Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler.

What is the origin of the word raconter?

English speakers borrowed the word from French, where it traces back to the Old French verb raconter, meaning “to tell.” Raconter in turn was formed from another Old French verb, aconter or acompter, meaning “to tell” or “to count,” which is ultimately from Latin computare, meaning “to count.”

When does Help Us Stranger by the Raconteurs release?

The album was released on June 21, 2019. Help Us Stranger was recorded at Third Man Studio in Nashville. White and Benson wrote all songs except for a cover of “Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)”, by Donovan. The album was produced by The Raconteurs and engineered by Joshua V. Smith.

Did Bob Dylan ever play with the Raconteurs?

In November 2006, the Raconteurs played eight dates as the opening act for Bob Dylan on the north-eastern leg of his U.S. tour. On November 3, 2006, the Raconteurs performed the song “Store Bought Bones” and the title track, “Broken Boy Soldier” on Later with Jools Holland.