Who said Interesting factoid?

Olive is always ready with a fact about pretty much everything, is somewhat of an over-thinker. She’d much rather hide in the safety of the A.N.T. Farm, but her new best friend Chyna, is not going to let that happen. Her catchphrase is “Interesting factoid”.

Who played Chyna in A.N.T. Farm?

China Anne McClainA.N.T. Farm
Chyna Parks/Played by

The series stars China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks, an 11-year-old musical prodigy who is the newest member in the Advanced Natural Talent (A.N.T.)

What does A.N.T. Farm stand for?

Advanced Natural Talents
stands for Advanced Natural Talents. It may refer to: A.N.T. Farm, the Disney Channel original series.

Does Chyna kiss Fletcher?

It is unclear if Chyna does, in fact, have feelings for Fletcher. In Unforeseen circumstANTs they were close to kissing….

Chyna and Fletcher
Characters Fletcher Quimby and Chyna Parks
Status Ex-crush (Fletcher) Possible Crush (Chyna) (from EndurANTs and MEANT to be?) Broken up Best Friends
Ship Rivals Folive & Changus

How old is Chyna Parks in ant farm?

Chyna Parks
age 11-12 (Season 1) 12-13 (Season 2) 13-14 (Season 3) 21(current)
School Webster High (former) Unnamed elementary school Z-Tech (Current)
Affiliations A.N.T Farm Z-Tech

Who invented ant farms?

Milton M. Levine
Levine, Inventor of Ant Farm, Dies at 97. Milton Levine’s Eureka moment came in 1956, when he spotted a mound of ants during a Fourth of July picnic at his sister’s poolside in Southern California.

What happened to Liv and Maddie?

The exploits of identical twins Liv, a former television star back home in Wisconsin and in the process of adding movie star to her credits, as well as beginning to focus on her music career, and Maddie, an outstanding student and basketball phenomenon recovering from an injured knee.

How old are Liv and Maddie from Little People Big World?

The series follows smart and witty fifteen-year-old identical twins Liv and Maddie and their tight-knit family (younger brothers Joey and Parker, and parents Pete and Karen).

What gift does Liv give Maddie for mother’s day?

Maddie and Karen take part in a historical society’s annual mother-daughter weekend of pioneer living. In an effort to help Maddie bring out her “girly side,” Liv gives her a pair of the most comfortable high heels ever made.

What happens at Liv and Maddie’s Sweet 16 party?

Liv and Maddie try to plan their sweet 16 party but complications arise. The annual Stevens Point Holiday Spectacular is coming up, and Liv is asked to host the televised event. When Liv discovers the little girl she’s asked to perform with shares the same strong desire for the spotlight, trouble ensues.