Who is the fastest character in DC?

1 The Flash (Wally West) Is Undeniably The Fastest There Is DC Comics made it clear that the fastest Flash is Wally West. Barry knows this and therefore tries to make his former protege the best Flash he can be. Wally gained his powers in a similar freak accident to the one that gave Barry his super-speed.

Who is faster Barry or Wally?

In the comics, Wally was faster than Barry, although Wally started being significantly slower than Barry when he got his powers. In the CW Flash TV series, Barry is (till date) faster than Wally and IMO, would be faster for the foreseeable future.

How fast is Godspeed?

Like other speedsters, Godspeed can run up to 10 times the speed of light by entering the Speed Force.

Who is faster Bart Allen or Wally West?

You’re fast, Bart. Faster than all of us put together.” Wally is widely considered to be the fastest incarnation of the Flash, but the fact that Wally himself admits that Bart is faster challenges that notion. Take the aforementioned events of Infinite Crisis.

What is Savitar the god of?

Barry Allen also known as Savitar is The 1st Metahuman Speedster known in The Multiverse to have ever connect to The Speed Force known to many other Speedsters as The God of Speed or The God of Motion. He is The Founder and Leader of The Thunderbolt Agents‎‎ a criminal Cult who refer to him as The Dark Lord.

How fast is Savitar in the Flash?

Savitar runs faster than any speedster. 187,765 mph per second that means he can travel on the circumfrance of the earth 7 times in 1 single second. Berry from the cw runs 2,532 so he can barely reach from Ny to La in an hour.

Why does Godspeed hate Bart?

He hated Bart simply because the latter made him realize that artificial speed is a pale imitation of the power of real speedsters, who possess a natural connection to the Speed Force. August’s rivalry with Bart escalated so much that he murdered Bart’s mentor, Jay Garrick, right in front of him.

Who is the best DC hero?

The Greatest DC Heroes Of All Time!!! 1. Batman 2. Superman 3. Wonder Woman 4. Hal Jordan 5. Dick Grayson 6. Barry Allen 7. Aquaman 8. Green Arrow 9. Billy Batson 10. Martian Manhunter 11. Cyborg 12. Hawkman

Who is the fastest speedster in DC?

Savitar is actually the fastest person in all of the DC universe. He is a god, however, not a human. The fastest human is actually Barry Allen as the Future Flash.

Who is the fastest cartoon character?

Speedy Gonzales is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. He is portrayed as “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” with his major traits being the ability to run extremely fast, speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent and also speaking Spanish.

Who are the female DC characters?

Renee Montoya – The Question. Renee Montoya starts off as a Gotham police detective,which is when she first comes into contact with the villain Two-Face,who ends up

  • Huntress. Hailing from an alternate universe version of Earth,Huntress is really Helena Wayne,the daughter of Earth-Two’s Batman and Catwoman.
  • Big Barda.
  • Hawkgirl.
  • Starfire.
  • Mera.