Who is Emaan Khan?

Emaan Khan is another Pakistani Child actress, who played a leading role in the drama serial “ Damsa ”. She is the younger sister of actress Laiba Khan who worked in Do Bol, Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Pakeeza Phupho etc. Emaan Khan as Damsa in drama serial Damsa left a strong impact on the viewers with her brilliant performance.

Who are the most famous child actors in Pakistan?

List of Famous Pakistani Child Actors in Dramas 1 Shees Sajjad Gul (10 Years Old) 2 Emaan Khan 3 Abdul Rehman Kashan 4 Hoorain 5 Sami Khan (12 years) 6 Zuhab Khan (19 Years Old) 7 Sara Kashif Rajput (17 Years Old) 8 Sara Saif 9 Hanzala Shahid (15 years old) 10 Arisha Razi (18 years old) 11 Bakhtawar Rasheed (9 years old) 12 Khushi Maheen

Who are the most famous Pakistani actors in Pakistani drama industry?

Emaan Khan played the role of Damsa very well with his real expressions and great acting skills. No doubt she is going to be a famous actress in upcoming years. Abdul Rehman Kashan is another shining star of Pakistani Drama Industry. He performed in the Drama Serial “ Saiban ” as Rohan with other two child stars Hoorain and Sara Saif.

Is Abdul Rehman Kashan the next big star of Pakistani drama industry?

People find that Abdul Rehman Kashan is going to be a super star of Pakistani Drama industry in upcoming years. In the drama Saiban, as an orphan and elder brother of two sisters he performed his duties as a younger brother and he gave many serious scenes to his viewers.