Who bought Atkins?

In 2010 the PBSJ Corporation joined Atkins. In 2013 Atkins celebrated 75 years in business. In July 2017 Atkins was acquired by SNC-Lavalin.

Is Atkins part of SNC-Lavalin Group?

SNC-Lavalin Completes Transformative Acquisition of WS Atkins. The acquisition of Atkins creates a global fully integrated professional services and project management company – including capital investment, consulting, design, engineering, construction, sustaining capital and operations and maintenance.

Where are Atkins bars manufactured?

Products are taking hold in countries such as Australia, England and the Netherlands, where they are manufactured.

Who owns simply good foods?

Atkins Nutritionals

Type Private
Founded 1989
Founder Robert Atkins
Owner The Simply Good Foods Company
Website www.atkins.com

Is Atkins a limited company?

By 2016, Atkins had become the UK’s largest engineering consultancy, as well as the world’s 11th largest global design firm….Atkins (company)

Type Private
Industry Construction, design, engineering and business services
Founded 1938
Founder Sir William Atkins
Headquarters Nova North, London, England

Who is the CEO of Atkins?

Uwe Krueger (Aug 1, 2011–)