Where is Havertys furniture made?

Where is Havertys Furniture Made? Havertys takes pride in offering American-made products to consumers. Made in North Carolina, the company’s collections include exclusive, handcrafted items. Shoppers can find locally-made, customizable options for every room thanks to the retailer’s first-rate manufacturing standards.

Is Havertys a good brand?

Havertys meets high expectations for top-quality home furnishings. The brand personalizes furniture based on the style customers want and the durability they need. Each collection features comfortable seating, durable upholstery, and fine details that make each piece look and feel one-of-a-kind.

What does haverturtys mean?

Havertys Since 1885, Havertys has grown from a small Atlanta storefront to one of the top furniture brands in the Southeast. The company provides high-quality furniture as well as top-notch service to help shoppers bring their dream home to life. Havertys operates over 100 stores in 16 states.

Why choose Havertys?

Throughout its history, Havertys has sought to provide home furnishings to the homemaker, together with a financial service to ease the purchase of those home furnishings. Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. is organized to make a fair profit for its stockholders, together with a steady enhancement of invested capital.

What is the history of Rhodes-Haverty Furniture?

In 1889 J.J. and Michael Haverty entered a partnership with the owner of a neighboring furniture store, Amos G. Rhodes, forming the Rhodes-Haverty Furniture Company. Both stores liquidated their inventories prior to the new venture so that they could start fresh, and a new building was constructed to house the enterprise.

Is there a Havertys in Atlanta GA?

The main Atlanta location was purchased outright by the Havertys, and the business took back its original name of Haverty Furniture Company. The company’s nine stores were located in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee; and Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas.