Where can I find Eevee in Castelia City?

Go to Castelia City. It is the big city that you can reach by boat from Virbank City. This is the only place you can catch Eevee in the game.

Where can you find Eevee in Pokemon White 2?

There are 3 ways to catch / obtain an Eevee ingame:

  1. Catch one at Castelia Gardens. It can be encountered normally, not in shaking grass as the previous answer states.
  2. Get one from Fennel’s assistant in Castelia City after you have defeated the Elite Four.
  3. You can catch an Eevee in any Hidden Grotto.

How do you make Eevee with fennel?

If you want a garenteed chance to get one just go to castelia city and go to the third floor where the medal box place is and go to the third floor (fennel’s lab). Then, fennels assistant will give you an eevee (have an open slot in your party) if you talk to her.

Where can I catch Pokemon in Castelia city?

Technically, a few wild Pokemon can be found in the city, but the location of the grass can only be reached through Castelia Sewers, which is found on the pier on the far right. Castelia City is also home to the third Gym Badge in Unova….Castelia City.

Wild Pokemon
Skitty Grass (White 2)
Whimsicott Shaking Grass (Black 2)

How do you get to Castelia City in Pokemon Black 2?

After you get your Toxic Badge, you have to kick Team Plasma out of Virbank City and get rid of the Grunt hiding in Route 20. After that, you can take a ship to Castelia City.

Where can I catch Pokemon in Castelia City?

How do you drain Castelia sewers?

Walk North and then West to find a Heart Scale in a corner. From the sewers, you can head North to Relic Passage, or continue South to clear out the rest of the sewer. South has a staircase which leads up to a hidden area in Castelia City.

What is Nimbasa city based on?

Nimbasa City (Japanese: ライモンシティ Raimon City) is a city located in central Unova. There are three routes connecting to it: to the south of the city is Route 4 and the vast Desert Resort, to the west is Route 5, and to the east is Route 16….Nimbasa City.

Nimbasa City ライモンシティ Raimon City
“Lit by the Flash of Lightning!”

What is Castelia Street in Pokemon Black & White?

Castelia City is the largest city within the Pokémon world. It has a number of stores, streets and piers in order to keep you occupied. In Castelia Street, you will find Black & WhiteFreak building where you can battle developers and gain the certificate for completion of your Pokédex.

Where is the gym in Castelia City in Pokemon Black 2?

The Castelia City gym, located in the Pokémon Gym street is a maze involving switches and hidden trainers and requires you to walk through Honey in order to pass Gym (Black 2 & White 2) The Castelia City gym is located in the same area in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 but features a new puzzle.

Where can I find the entrance to the Castelia sewers?

In Black 2 and White 2, the entrance to the Castelia Sewers is located here. Castelia Street has many people coming and going, especially during the evenings when people are going home from work.

How do you get to the gym in Castelia City?

The Castelia Gym is on the right side of the westernmost street. Speak to the guide blocking the entrance to the Gym. Iris appears and says the sewer is the suspicious place. Follow Iris to the eastern part of Castelia City. Iris is waiting for you near the Pokemon Center.