What words have Metron?

10 letter words containing metron

  • metronomic.
  • metronomes.
  • metronymic.
  • allometron.
  • parametron.

What words end in Quin?

6-letter words that end in quin

  • sequin.
  • requin.
  • zequin.
  • liquin.
  • alquin.
  • paquin.
  • luquin.
  • diquin.

What words have Tropos in them?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Tropos. {Troh poss} Turning.
  • Tropics. The area of the earth from the equator north to the Tropic of Cancer and South to the Tropic of Capricorn.
  • Tropical. The climate of the earth in the tropics.
  • Phototropic.
  • Heliotrope.
  • Tropophilous.
  • Thermotropism.

What is a word that ends with M?

4 letter words that end with M

  • ahem.
  • aldm.
  • alum.
  • atom.
  • balm.
  • barm.
  • beam.
  • berm.

What words start with Quin?

7-letter words that start with quin

  • quintet.
  • quinine.
  • quinone.
  • quintal.
  • quinoid.
  • quinary.
  • quinate.
  • quinces.

What does the root word Quin mean?

(Latin: fifth, five; a word element for 5)

What does Tropo in troposphere mean?

Tropo- is a combining form used like a prefix variously meaning “turn,” “reaction, response,” or “change.” The form is used in many scientific terms, including in biochemistry, ecology, and meteorology, where tropo- specifically represents the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere.

Is AB a prefix?

The English prefix ab-, which means “away,” appears in many English vocabulary words, such as absent, abduct, and absolute.” You can remember that the prefix ab- means “away” via the word absent, for someone who is absent is “away” from a place, such as school or work.

What is a 4 letter word that ends in M?

4-letter words ending with M

chim chum
CISM clam
clem clum
comm coom

What does the prefix Quin mean?

Object prefix for verbs; it indicates that the object is third-person plural; them.

What does the affix Quint mean?

quint (n.) in Anglo-French), “a tax of one-fifth,” from Old French quint, from Latin quintus “the fifth,” ordinal to quinque “five” (from PIE root *penkwe- “five”). Used in English for “group or set of five” since 17c.