What kind of camera is the Pentax ME Super?

The Pentax ME Super is an electronic 35mm SLR. It is unusually compact, lightweight and solid. The ME Super is a great little camera with aperture-preferred automation as well as manual exposure. The ME Super has a classic look because it is.

How many button cells does a Pentax ME Super have?

Intro Specs Performance Compared Usage Recommendations More. Pentax ME Super (Electronic 35mm SLR, uses two common A76 button cells, 16.5 oz./468g. with batteries and film) and SMC PENTAX-A 50mm f/1.7, about $40 used with lens.

How does the Pentax M SMC 40mm work?

Paired with the very small Pentax-M SMC 40mm F/2.8 lens it was actually pocketable, and about the same size as a Sony A6500 with kit 16-50 lens. Features. It has an ‘auto’ mode, but you have to set the aperture on the lens, and the camera adjusts the shutter speed, which shows up in the viewfinder.

What is the magnification of a Pentax ME Super Viewfinder?

Actual view through a Pentax ME Super viewfinder. Huge 0.95x magnification with 50mm lens. 92% coverage. -1.0 fixed diopter (standard 1 meter apparent distance). Silver-coated glass pentaprism. LED dots light along the left; the numbers you see are merely overlay next to the actual LED dots.

What is a superzoom lens?

Their zoom lens covers all focal lengths from wide-angle to super tele-photo. While there is no formal definition of a superzoom, it is common practice to classify all compact cameras with a 10x or larger zoom factor in this category. Many superzooms feature a viewfinder on the center-top of the camera, which makes them look similar to DSLRs.

What is the Pentax XG-1 superzoom?

Ricoh has announced the Pentax XG-1 superzoom, featuring a 16MP BSI-CMOS sensor and a 24-1248mm equivalent F2.8-5.6 zoom lens – a 52x optical zoom range. It offers full resolution burst shooting at 9 fps, with 60 and 30 fps modes at VGA and 4MP reduced resolutions, respectively.