What is the thinnest insulation with the highest R value?

Aerogel insulation
Aerogel insulation offers the highest R-value of any insulating material at less weight and thickness—ideal for construction, refineries, pipelines, and thin-gap thermal barriers.

What is the most efficient insulation?

Pyrogel is one of the most efficient industrial insulations in the world. Its required thicknesses are 50% – 80% less than other insulation materials. Although a little more expensive than some of the other insulation materials, Pyrogel is being used more and more for specific applications.

What is the best insulator for walls?

What Kind of Insulation Should I use for Interior Walls?

  • Rigid foam boards of insulation (such as Kingspan or Celotex) are better insulators than the alternatives and so they are thinner and take up less floor area.
  • Mineral wools such as Rockwool or Knauf are widely used.

Is memory foam good insulation?

There is another temperature factor to consider when dealing with memory foam as well. As the material softens with your body heat, it only makes sense that it would retain some of this warmth, and insulate as well. Due to this, memory foam does tend to sleep more warmly than other materials.

What is the R value of 75mm Celotex?

Thickness: 75mm. rValue: 3.40m2K/W.

Is an air gap good insulation?

Typically we suggest you have an air gap between 1/2″ and 3/4″ for the radiant barrier to work. Air gaps larger than this work well too – they promote ventilation on the foil and help keep the air dry and the air temps lower. Insulation is technically a solid with a lot of air in it therefore, it is NOT an air gap.

What is the lightest insulation?

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory chemists have developed a new flexible “aerogel” — stuff so light it has been called “solid smoke” — described as the world’s lightest solid material and best solid insulating material.