What is the price of washing machine in Pakistan?

Washing Machine – Price Summary

Model Price
Haier Top Load Spinner HWS-60-50 Rs. 10,499
Dawlance Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WM-5100 Rs. 10,999
Kenwood Semi Automatic Washing Machine KWM-899W Rs. 11,200
Westpoint Single Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WF-1017 Rs. 12,000

What is the price of Haier automatic machine in Pakistan?

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TOP 11 SELLERS PICK Haier Washing Machine Price
Haier 9.0 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine – HWM 90-1789 – Grey Rs. 39,499
Haier 8.5 kg/1708 Series/Fully Automatic/Top Load/HWM 85-1708/Washing Machine/10 Years Warranty Rs. 39,999

What is semi automatic washer?

What is a semi-automatic washing machine? These entry level machines offer a good introduction to washing machines, meeting halfway between a fully-automatic washing machine and hand washing. These washing machines require some manual input during the cycle.

What is a semi auto washing machine?

A semi automatic washing machine is a single or double tub machine that washes, rinses, and spin-dries your clothes for you. Using a semi auto washing machine is this simple: Add clothes to the tub. Add water and Surf excel matic Top Load – just follow the directions on the label.

What is an automatic washing machine?

A fully automatic washing machine is an electrical appliance that controls all aspects of clothes washing, from water level and temperature to agitation time and intensity. All that a user must do is put clothes in and tell the machine which settings to use.

What is LG washing machine?

LG washing machines are designed to make life easier, through the latest cutting-edge technology that will reduce your energy costs and water consumption, whilst protecting delicate colours against running away.

What is a washer sale?

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