What is the largest library in Florida?

Broward County Library
Broward County Library was founded in 1974 and is the largest library system in Florida by square footage. The library system, with its 38 locations, is also one of the busiest with more than 7.5 million walk-in customers visiting annually.

Who has the largest collection of books?

John Q. Benham of Avoca, Indiana, USA has a private collection of over 1.5 million books. As they have filled up his house, most of them must be kept in his six-car garage, two-storey building and piled under tarpaulin outdoors.

Can the public use USF library?

USF Tampa Campus Library The Learning Commons offers computer workstations, scanners and printers for public use. In addition, the Tampa campus library is a designated Government Document repository.

What does the Hillsborough County Public Library have to offer?

The Hillsborough County Public Library System possesses many collections unique to the cultural heritage of Tampa Bay. The Burgert Brothers Photographic Collection shows the expansion of Florida from the late 1800s to the early 1960s, specifically social and residential growth during that time period.

What is the name of the public library in Tampa Florida?

Charles J. Fendig Public Library. The Charles J. Fendig Public Library, is a public library in the Tampa–Hillsborough County Public Library System located in South Tampa, Florida. The library is a 12,000 square foot, single story brick building.

Where is the 78th Street Community Library in Tampa?

The 78th Street Community Library is part of the Tampa–Hillsborough County Public Library System (THPL) and the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (HCPLC). The library is an 8,000 sq. ft. facility located at 7625 Palm River Rd. in Tampa, Florida.

Where can I return items in Hillsborough County public schools?

Drive-thru windows for returns and hold pick-ups are located at the Jimmie B. Keel and the Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Libraries. In 2017, THPL introduced the new HAAL Pass, which gives access to certain library resources to all students in the Hillsborough County Public Schools System.