What is the jaw spread on an MB 550?

5 1/2”
The 550-RC has an outside jaw spread of 5 1/2” and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4”. The cast jaw face is 3/8” thick and the offset is 3/16”. We’ve installed a Paws-I-Trip pan system and stainless steel night latch dog.

What size trap is a MB 550?

The MB-550-RC Double Coil Spring Offset Jaws Trap is designed for use in taking coyote, bobcat, fox and raccoon. This trap has an outside jaw spread of 5 1/2″ and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4″. The cast jaw face is 3/8″ thick and the offset is 3/16″. This trap has a Paws-I-Trip pan system and a night latched dog.

What is the best coyote trap?

The recommended traps for catching coyotes are coil-spring foothold traps and non-powered cable devices. Powered cable devices also work for the eastern coyote if they are set to capture the animal by the foot.

Who makes Mbtraps?

Minnesota Brand
Minnesota Brand Traps. MB 450, MB 550, MB 650, MB 750, MB 1216.

Where are MB 550 traps made?

Minnesota Brand MB 550-RC Fox & Coyote Trap 2 Coiled CL Made in the U.S.A. The 550-CL (2-Coil) Closed Jaw. It has an outside jaw spread of 5 1/2″ and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4″.

Where are Minnesota Brand traps made?

Minnesota Brand Traps Made in USA.

What size trap is best for coyotes?

Foot-hold traps ranging in size from #1.75 coil-spring to #3N long-spring with offset jaws work well for capturing coyotes. Traps without offset jaws may cause foot injuries and increase the risk of escape. Conibear traps are not recommended because coyotes may avoid them and non-target animals can be killed.

Are #2 traps big enough for coyotes?

So for targeting coyotes, and other similar sized predators, a trap with an outside jawspread of 5-6 inches is ideal. In my opinion the MB 550 is the perfect predator trap. I think any trapper that is targeting coyotes and foxes will be well served with a standard 2 coil trap.

Where are sleepy creek traps made?

The LAST TRAP Manufactured at SCM, Berkeley Springs, WV.

How do you use an earth anchor trap?

Starts here7:04Making Trapping Stakes – Cable and Chain – YouTubeYouTube

What is the most popular brand in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s Most Valuable Brands of 2021 Revealed

  • United Healthcare is Minnesota’s most valuable brand, with a brand value of US$27.3 billion.
  • Target (US$20.7 billion) and Optum (US$12.4 billion) complete Minnesota’s top three.
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How much weight can a coyote pull?

Coyotes can grab and carry an animal that weighs up to 25lbs over a 6ft fence. They are capable of digging under a fence but they are opportunistic and generally take prey that is the fastest, easiest to secure. I have heard from people that have had Coyotes attack not only small dogs, but also larger dogs!