What is the fees for CIMA?

CIMA Course Details

Course CIMA
Duration Two Years for four levels
Fee Paid One lakh for each level
Type of Course Management Accountants
Starting Salary INR Four to Twelve lakhs

How many attempts are allowed for CIMA exam?

A: There is no time limit to complete the CIMA qualification. On average, it takes a student who is working full-time and studying part-time between three and five years to qualify. Q: How many times can I sit an examination? A: There is no limit to the number of attempts you may have at each exam.

Is CIMA easy to pass?

Although CIMA isn’t easy, it is certainly achievable, and AAT will set you up well to study for and pass your exams. The pass rates are high, with an overall exam pass rate of between 70-95% for objective test sittings and certificate level exams in the 12 months to 30 September 2018.

Is CIMA better than CMA?

CIMA course is designed to equip the skills in business management and financial education to the CIMA aspirants. CIMA tied-up with CommonWealth countries which leads to a better global presence than CMA….Differences between CMA & CIMA.

Section CMA CIMA
Certification Organised by ICMA & IMA Chartered Institute of management accountants

Is CIMA easier than CA?

CIMA prepares you to work across an organisation, not just within finance. Chartered Accountancy (CA) takes more than 4 years to complete the qualification and the passing rate is about 5% per level where as CIMA takes approximately 2-3 years to complete and the passing rate is about 40 to 50%.

Can I do CIMA exams at home?

Save time and money. Now you can take the CIMA exam from home and save about 100 pounds and 2 days. Remote CIMA exams will help you forget about these inconveniences and additional costs.

How much does it cost to study for the Cima exam?

Here is the estimated CIMA exam fees breakdown: 1. Core Exam and Registration Fee (mandatory) Annual student subscription fee for 3 years (1 free year included in registration, plus 2 years): £220 2. Study Materials (not mandatory but pretty much required to pass) 3. Possible Additional Expenses

What is the schedule of the Cima program?

CIMA has a very flexible schedule. You can start CIMA program any time. Each paper has a two hours computer-based assessment (CBA) which can be attempted in any month of the year. Case study exams are held in February, May, August, and November.

Is the Cima qualification equivalent to a master’s degree outside of the UK?

Please note, however, that the CIMA qualification is NOT likely considered an equivalent to a Master’s degree outside of the UK. If that’s the case, you have to determine whether your employer is willing to share some of the CIMA exam cost, or whether you are willing to pay this amount for a brighter career and future.

What are the exemptions for Cima?

Students having other relevant qualifications can claim exemptions from some of the papers as per rules of the CIMA. The students having I.Com degree are exempted from the first four papers (Certificate in Business Accounting) and are enrolled into Operational level of CIMA.