What is output device in SAP?

Definition. A target device must be specified for the output for every document to be printed in the SAP system. As the document can be output using not only printers, but also archiving devices, these devices are called Output Devices in the SAP system.

How do I add an output device to SAP?

Creating an SAP output device using access method E

  1. On the Spool Administration: Initial Screen, select Output devices.
  2. Enter change mode by pressing F8 or selecting the Change icon (a pencil).
  3. On the Spool Administration: List of Output Devices screen, select Output device –> Create.

How do I find my printer output in SAP?

From any screen in SAP click on System. In the System menu, hover on User Profile and then click Own Data. On the Main User Profile screen, click the Defaults tab. In the Spool Control Section: For Output Device, type: LOCL Print Immediately: Check this.

What are the 5 examples of output devices?

Examples of Output Devices

  • Monitor. The monitor is an example of a visual output device.
  • Projector. The projector, as the name suggests, projects the data on a big surface or screen.
  • Video Card. Yet another example of visual output devices is a video card.
  • GPS.
  • Printer.
  • Braille Reader.
  • Speaker/Headphones.
  • Sound Card.

What is printer device type in SAP?

The device type indicates the type of printer to be addressed. The device type is the total of all attributes of an output device that the SAP System must know to control the output device correctly, such as control commands for font selection, page size, character set selection, and so on.

What is SAP LOCL?

LOCL is stands for local printer which is the printer that have been installed and configured in your computer.

How do you test a printer in SAP?

Testing Output Devices

  1. To test the printing of a SAPscript text, call the SAPscript standard text transaction SO10.
  2. When the SAP script text processing screen appears, enter the text name sapscript-druckertest and the language DE or EN. You can search for additional print test files by entering the text name *test*.

How do I set output in SAP?

Select Billing Type V3-Billing and Click Output Type. 2) Click on New Entry and enter the Output Type, Description and Access Sequence in General Data Tab. 3). Select ‘Send with periodically scheduled Job’ in Dispatch Time, Print Out in Transmission Medium, and BP in Partner F unction in Default Value Tab.

What are 3 examples of output devices?

What are Different Output Devices?

  • Monitor. A computer’s principal output device is a monitor, often known as a Visual Display Unit (VDU).
  • Printer. Printers are information output devices that allow you to print data on paper.
  • Plotter.
  • Projector.
  • Speakers.
  • Headphones.
  • Sound Card.
  • Video Card.

What are 10 output devices and their functions?

Computer Basics: What Is an Output Device? 10 Examples

  • 10 Examples of Output Devices. Monitor. Printer.
  • Monitor. Mode: Visual.
  • Printer. Mode: Print.
  • Headphones. Mode: Sound.
  • Computer Speakers. Mode: Sound.
  • Projector. Mode: Visual.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Mode: Data.
  • Sound Card. Mode: Sound.

What is Zebra printer in SAP?

Zebra Printers are mostly used to have a label printing. Once you select the respective printer which will be suitable for your requirements then follow the process for configuration in SAP.

How do I add a device type in SAP?

Import the device type.

  1. Select the Device Type radio button.
  2. Type the name of the device type you want to import in the Object name field.
  3. Type IMPORT in the Mode field.
  4. Select Execute ( ).
  5. Select Local Object.
  6. Select the path for the device type, select the device type you want to import, and then select Open.