What is number series in quantitative aptitude?

A numerical series is given in which a number is wrongly placed. You are asked to identify that particular wrong number. A numerical series is given in which a specific number is missing. You are required to find out that missing number. A complete numerical series is followed by an incomplete numerical series.

What is number series assessment?

The numerical reasoning with number series test is an often used test for psychometric testing. Number series tests often involve straightforward numerical calculations but can also require more elaborate problem solving to find the correct answer. In this test you need to solve eight number series.

What is wrong number series?

A number series is a grouping of numbers that follow a certain logic or a mathematical formula. In IBPS PO, SO, SBI Clerk, SBI SO exams the questions on Wrong Number Series are very frequent. They are mostly present in the quantitative section and have a few types of questions.

How do you practice number series?

Series Number Sequence Practice Problems: Level 02

  1. 2 3 10 38 172. 192. Sol: Option 3. Explanation: Logic is 2×1 + 1 = 3, 3 × 2 + 4 =10, 10 × 3 + 9 = 39, 39 × 4 + 16 = 172….
  2. 8 19 52 151 447. 447. 151. Sol: Option 4.
  3. 4 2 3 7.5 26.75. 26.75. 7.5. Sol: Option 1.
  4. 2 3 10 40 172 885 5346. 885. 172.
  5. 15 18 20 29 45 70 106. 1.18. 2.20.

What is series number?

A series is a list of numbers—like a sequence—but instead of just listing them, the plus signs indicate that they should be added up. For example, 4+9+3+2+17 4 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 17 is a series. This particular series adds up to 35 . Another series is 2+4+8+16+32+64 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 .

How many types of number series are there?

Number Series: Cube, Square, G.P., A.P., Two Stage & Other series Types.

What is series in reasoning?

Advertisements. Introduction. A series is a continuous sequence of numbers, letters, or words that are obtained by some particular previously defined rule. Applying that predefined rule, it is possible to find out the next term of the series.

What is the number series in aptitude test?

In Quantitative Aptitude part, chapter starts with Number series. Number series is an essential part of aptitude preparation. In every competitive exam you will get at least two questions on number series. Number series questions is of two types- What is the next number in the series? Find the wrong number in the series.

What are the best topics in quantitative aptitude for Bank Exams?

Some topics like Simplification/Approximation, Number Series, and Quadratic Equations Comparison can be solved very effectively and, in less time, if you know how to do a fast calculation and how to apply tricks. These topics contain approximately more than 50% weightage in the quantitative aptitude section of bank (IBPS/SBI and others) exams.

What is the Quantitative Aptitude section of the NEET?

The quantitative aptitude section includes Data Interpretation, Arithmetic problems, Number series, Quadratic quantity comparison, Simplification/Approximation, etc.

How to do quantitative aptitude tricks?

Quantitative Aptitude Tricks for Simplification/Approximation: Trick 1: Do memorize multiplication tables of integers up to 30, square of integers up to 50, and cubes of integers up to 30. Trick 2: Conversion of percentage into fractions. Have a look at the conversion table below: 2. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks for Number Series: