What is number 5 on driving Licence?

Driver number (5): Driving licence number format explained. JONES – Displaying the first five letters of your surname. If a surname is less than five characters in length, the remaining spaces will comprise of the digit 9. The fourth and fifth digits are the day of the month of your birth.

Is the UK driving Licence an international licence?

You need to have a valid Great Britain (GB) or Northern Ireland driving licence to get an IDP. You may also get an IDP if your licence was issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man.

What are the 5 main different types of licenses drivers?

Types of Drivers Licenses

  • Class M – M is for Moped and Motorcycle.
  • Class C – C means Car.
  • Class B – B stands for Buses.
  • Class A – A means you’re A+ at driving!
  • Class C CDL – If you’re trying to deliver stuff (small scale) or driving people around, this is the one you need.

Which countries accept UK driving Licence?

You’re able to drive in the UK for 12 months on a license issued in a ‘designated country’, which includes:

  • Australia.
  • Barbados.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Monaco.
  • Singapore.
  • Falkland Islands.
  • Republic of Korea.
  • South Africa.

How do I read my UK driving Licence number?

Each licence holder in England, Scotland and Wales has a unique driver number, which is 18 characters long. The characters are constructed in the following way: 1–5: The first five characters of the surname (padded with 9s if fewer than 5 characters). For surnames beginning with “MAC”, they are treated as “MC” for all.

How do I find out my driving Licence number UK?

If you can’t find your driving licence number, you can check it using your National Insurance number at GOV.UK, view driving record. If you’ve lost your licence and don’t know what your NI number is, you can order a replacement online GOV.UK, replace a driving licence.

How do I get an international driving Licence in the UK?

have a full UK driving licence….Part of Drive abroad: step by step

  1. 1 Check where you can use your licence Show.
  2. Step 2 Apply for an international driving permit (IDP) Show.
  3. Step 3 Get insurance Show.
  4. Step 4 Prepare the documents you need to take with you Show.
  5. Step 5 Check the rules for the country you’re travelling to Show.

How do I get an international driving license?

International Driving Licence – Document Required

  1. Valid driving Licence and its copies.
  2. Recent passport size photographs – 3 Nos.
  3. Valid proof such as Passport and its copies.
  4. Proof of Visa and its copies.
  5. Copy of Air ticket for verification.
  6. Receipt for payment of fees.
  7. An application for IDL in Form – 4A.

Which countries accept international license?

List of countries that have agreed to accept the 1949 United Nations Convention on road traffic covering acceptance of the International Driving Permit….Countries accepting International Driving Permit.

Albania Guatemala Peru
Algeria Guyana Philippines
Argentina Haiti Poland
Australia Honduras Portugal
Austria Hong Kong Romania

Can I Drive in the UK with a foreign driving licence?

If foreign students have a non-European Union driving licence or international driving permit they can drive in Great Britain for up to 12 months. If their licence is from a designated country they can apply to exchange it for a GB licence up to five years after becoming a GB resident.

How long can you Drive in the UK with an EU license?

EU driving licence in UK: The same applies to those with a European Economic Community (EEC) licence. Your licence will expire when you turn 70, but if you’re 68+ when you become a UK resident you can drive for three years. After this time you must exchange your licence.

Do I need an IDP to drive in the UK?

Show your UK driving licence or IDP to the police to get a visitor’s licence. Show your UK driving licence or IDP to the police to get a visitor’s licence. You do not need an IDP to drive here for periods up to 12 months. You do not need an IDP to drive here.

How long does a 1968 licence last UK?

A 1968 permit lasts for 3 years or until your UK driving licence expires, whichever comes first. You may need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive outside the UK. Check this with your car hire company if you’re hiring a vehicle.