What is Link Layer Topology Mapper IO driver?

Link Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver. Used to discover other computers connected to your local network. Link Layer Topology Responder. Used to identify your computer to other computers connected to your local network.

What is Microsoft Link Layer Discovery Protocol?

The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a vendor-neutral link layer protocol used by network devices for advertising their identity, capabilities, and neighbors on a local area network based on IEEE 802 technology, principally wired Ethernet.

What is network discovery used for?

Network discovery is what allows computers and other devices to be discovered on a network. With network discovery, a system will send out messages over the network looking for devices that are discoverable. Having network discovery enabled makes it easy for you to share network resources between the systems you want.

What is Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder?

Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) is a proprietary link layer protocol for network topology discovery and quality of service diagnostics. It is used by their Network Map feature to display a graphical representation of the local area network (LAN) or wireless LAN (WLAN), to which the computer is connected.

What is the purpose of Lldp?

LLDP is a neighbor discovery protocol that is used for network devices to advertise information about themselves to other devices on the network. This protocol runs over the data-link layer, which allows two systems running different network layer protocols to learn about each other.

What is Microsoft network Adapter Multiplexor?

Microsoft Adapter Multiplexor Protocol is a special set of configurations that comes into play when a user combines two different connections. Actually, it is a kernel mode driver that is used for Network Interface Bonding.

What is Microsoft network Client?

The “Client for Microsoft Networks” is the basic component of Windows networking. It allows a computer to access resources on a Microsoft network, and is installed by default. If your computer is connected to your cable modem by Ethernet, you need to leave this item checked.