What is IPC a 610c?

This certification allows an individual to become an IPC certified trainer in the acceptability of electronic assemblies based on topics such as soldering criteria, surface mounting criteria and jumper wire assembly requirements among others. …

What is a IPC specialist?

IPC, an electronics manufacturing trade association, sets industry wide standards for electronic manufacturing professionals. Electronic manufacturing engineers, line operators, and quality engineers, can become Certified IPC Specialists (CIS) who are proficient in these industry standard documents.

What is IPC-A-610 Class 2?

IPC-A-610 Class 2 is typically what is required of Samtec’s products. For Class 2, a product will have a need for extended reliability, but is not essential for the product.

What is the difference between IPC A 610 and J STD 001?

For example, IPC-A-610 specifies mandated criteria that should be used daily by board inspectors. The J-STD-001, on the other hand, provides the best practices that process engineers, supervisors and technicians should follow to achieve acceptable boards.

What is IPC-A-610 Class 1?

Remember, the IPC PCB classes reflect the level of quality of each printed circuit board type, so in some cases it’s crucial to make sure your manufacturer is qualified to work with you. Some electronic contract manufacturers only handle Class 1 electronics, so make sure you ask up front.

Do you need a certificate to solder?

You can get hands-on classes from IPC recognized companies in topics like inspection, repair and rework, soldering, and wire harness assembly inspection. To pass the program, you will need to complete certification tests which can consist of both labs and written exams.