What is Hines at Amazon?

Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment firm founded in 1957 with a presence in 225 cities in 25 countries. Historically, Hines has developed, redeveloped or acquired 1,426 properties, totaling over 472 million square feet.

Is Hines a private equity firm?

Hines is a privately owned global real estate investment, development and management firm, founded in 1957, with a presence in 255 cities in 27 countries and $83.6 billion¹ of investment assets under management and more than 138.3 million square feet of assets for which Hines provides third-party property-level …

How old is Jeff Hines?

Among the global awards, Jeff Hines, who became chairman in addition to chief executive officer after his father died, was voted Industry Figure of the Year. The 65-year-old is also this year’s PERE Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Is Hines a REIT?

Hines Global REIT is a public, non-listed real estate investment trust sponsored by Hines. Hines Global REIT was formed in December 2008 to invest in and own interests in a diversified portfolio of quality commercial real estate properties and other real estate investments in the United States and internationally.

Who owns the most real estate in Houston?

2019’s Largest Houston Commercial Real Estate Owners

  • Prologis – Among Houston commercial real estate, Prologis is by far the Houston’s largest owner.
  • Brookfield Property Partners – Coming in second for the largest commercial real estate Houston owners is Brookfield.

Is Hines a public company?

Hines Interests Limited Partnership is a privately held company that invests in and develops real estate. The company has a presence in 240 cities in 27 countries.

Who is Jeffrey Hines?

Jeff Hines is the firm’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He leads Hines’ Executive Committee. As owner, Chairman and CEO, he is responsible for overseeing all firm policies and procedures as well as day-to-day operations.

How much is the Hines family worth?

The company oversaw more than $133 billion in property and asset management holdings at the end of 2019, including properties in more than 200 cities across two dozen countries. Hines and his family have amassed a net worth of about $2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Who is Hines Atlas us LP?

Hines is one of the largest privately held real estate investors and managers in the world. Includes both the global Hines organization as well as RIA AUM as of June 30, 2021. Includes 367 properties as of June 30, 2021.

Where is the most expensive house in Houston?

Living up to old adage of everything’s bigger in Texas, a $34.5 million, 17,405-square-foot mansion in Houston has become the most expensive single-family home for sale in the state. Sitting on the billionaire block known as Lazy Lane, The Hines Villa at 2920 Lazy Lane Blvd hit the market earlier this month.

Whats the most expensive house in the US?

A one-of-a-kind home in Bel Air, California, is claiming the title of the world’s largest and America’s most expensive residence. The mega-mansion, dubbed “The One,” offers a mind-boggling 105,000 square feet of living space and will hit the market for a rumored $350 million.

Who owns the Hines group?

Gerald D. Hines
The company has developed, redeveloped or acquired 1,450 properties, comprising over 485 million square feet….Hines Interests Limited Partnership.

Type Privately held company
Key people Gerald D. Hines, Founder Jeffrey C. Hines, Chairman and CEO
Number of employees 4,785
Website www.hines.com