What is h07 cable?

H07RN-F cable is a heavy-duty rubber flexible cable that is designed for electrical power supply that has a voltage rating of 450/750V. H07RN-F cable is suitable for applications such as handling equipment, mobile power supplies, construction sites, stage and audio visual equipment, port areas and dams.

What is H05RN f cable?

HO5RN-F Harmonized cable is a light use flexible rubber insulated Neoprene jacketed electrical cable commonly used in kitchen and catering equipment, appliances, refrigerators, power tools, computers, medical devices, heaters, mobile homes, and any other medium duty electrical or electronic equipment designed for use …

What is h05vv f cable?

HO5VV-F Harmonized cable is a medium duty flexible PVC insulated electrical cable commonly used in devices such as computers and office equipment, medical devices, heaters, cooking/baking/frying equipment, kitchen utensils, medical devices, and other medium duty electrical or electronic equipment designed for use …

What is the difference between ho5 and ho7 cable?

The H05RR-F are ideal for lightweight hand and workshop tools whilst the H07RN-F are more suitable for increasingly higher levels of stress and heavy duty equipment. Flexible chloroprene sheathed cable, heavy duty, harmonised and can be used under conditions of medium to high stresses.

What is 3183P cable?

British brand Pitacs make this super-tough, weather-resistant outdoor flex cable, specifically designed for use with garden ponds. This 3183P black pond cable comes in a 25 m length, so is ideal for hard-to-reach external spaces like your garden’s water features.

What current can 0.75 mm cable carry?

0.75mm2 flex is rated at 6 Amps.

What current can 1mm Flex Carry?

Choosing the correct size flex

Conductor Size Current Maximum power (Watts)
0.75 mm2 6 amps Up to 1440 Watts
1.0 mm2 10 amps Up to 2400 Watts
1.25 mm2 13 amps Up to 3120 Watts
1.5 mm2 15 amps Up to 3600 Watts

Is 0.75 mm cable OK for lights?

All the Factorylux lighting cable – round flex and twisted flex – has 0.75mm² cores and is rated at 6 Amps or 1,380 Watts. Although thinner 0.5mm² cable is sometimes used for lighting, we do not sell it….What Type of Cable – Lighting or Power? | Lighting Advice.

Conductor Size Current rating (Amps) Power rating (Watts)
1.5mm² 15 Amp 3,450 Watt

What is Xtrem H07RN-F cable?

Thanks to its extraordinary flexibility and mechanical strength, the Xtrem H07RN-F cable is ideal for power transmission in both fixed installation or mobile service. The nominal voltage up to 1000 V thanks to the high dielectric properties of the insulation material (according to HD 516).

What is h05rn-f cable?

Where applications require smaller condutor sizes at a 300/500V rvoltage rating it is referred to by the harmonised designation H05RN-F, available in core sizes 0.75mm and 1.0mm. A flexible rubber sheathed cable suitable for submersion in fresh water up to 10m, see our H07RN-8-F cables.

What is the temperature rating of the H07RN-F trailing duty cable?

The H07RN-F trailing duty cable has a temperature rating of -30oC to +60oC for fixed installations (rising to +85oC for fixed protected installations) and from -15oC to +60oC when flexed.

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