What is Daktacort cream used to treat?

Daktacort cream is a medicine which is used to treat inflamed conditions of the skin such as eczema and dermatitis which may be caused by infection with certain fungi and bacteria.

What is betamethasone cream used for?

Betamethasone topical cream, gel, lotion, and ointment are used to help relieve redness, itching, swelling, or other discomforts caused by certain skin conditions. Betamethasone topical spray is used to treat adults with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis.

What is pimecrolimus cream used for?

Pimecrolimus is used to treat mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (eczema) in patients who have already been treated with other medicines that did not work well. Pimecrolimus belongs to a class of medicines known as topical calcineurin inhibitors that decrease inflammation.

What is betnovate n cream used for?

Betnovate N Cream 20 gm is a combination medicine used to treat various bacterial skin infections, such as eczema (inflamed, itchy, cracked and rough skin patches), psoriasis (skin cells multiply rapidly to form bumpy (uneven) red patches covered with white scales), dermatitis (itchy inflammation of the skin), and …

Can I buy Daktacort ointment over the counter?

Is Daktacort HC Cream Available to Buy Over the Counter? Yes, Daktacort is an over the counter medication that can be purchased online from Weldricks.

Why does Daktacort cream need to be kept in the fridge?

Daktacort cream and ointment can damage latex condoms or diaphragms and make them ineffective at preventing pregnancy and STIs. Daktacort cream needs to be kept in the fridge. The ointment can be kept at room temperature. Daktacort cream and ointment in 30g tubes are only available on prescription.

How do you use neomycin sulfate?

How to use Neomycin SULFATE. Take this medication by mouth exactly as prescribed by your doctor. To decrease the risk of infection after intestinal surgery, this medication is usually taken for 3 or 4 doses the day before surgery, or as directed by your doctor.

Can you use pimecrolimus on face?

Be sure that the skin in the affected area is dry. Apply a thin layer of pimecrolimus cream to all affected areas of your skin. You can apply pimecrolimus to all affected skin surfaces including your head, face, and neck. Rub the cream into your skin gently and completely.

Does pimecrolimus cream work?

It is applied on to the skin (topically) to reduce symptoms such as inflammation, redness and itching. Although pimecrolimus cream is only licensed for use in eczema, it is also prescribed ‘off-licence’ to people with psoriasis….About pimecrolimus cream.

Type of medicine An anti-inflammatory cream
Available as Skin cream