What is color box in ultrasound?

The colors represent the speed and direction of blood flow within a certain area of the image (color box). The color box is divided into small sample regions (one color pixel). Each of these represent the mean velocity within the region as measured by multiple PW sample volumes.

What equipment is used in ultrasound?

Ultrasound machines consist of a computer console, video monitor and an attached transducer. The transducer is a small hand-held device that resembles a microphone. Some exams may use different transducers (with different capabilities) during a single exam.

Are there colored ultrasounds?

Color-flow imaging (also called triplex ultrasound) is an enhanced form of Doppler ultrasound technology. In a procedure similar to duplex ultrasound, it uses color to highlight the direction of blood flow.

What is Wall filter in ultrasound?

The wall filter in ultrasound is a way of filtering out low or high frequency Doppler signals. In clinical ultrasound, it is usually used to filter out very low frequencies that may add noise to a spectral Doppler waveform. A typical use is removing the low frequency reverberation of an arterial wall.

Which computer is an example of ultrasound machine?

Electrocardiogram machine, Echocardiogram machine, ultrasound machine CT scan machine, Holtor Monitoring machine are the examples of hybrid computers.

What is red on an ultrasound?

The direction of blood flow is assigned the color red or blue, indicating flow toward or away from the ultrasound transducer.

What does yellow on an ultrasound mean?

Ultrasound technicians are provided with several color maps so they can choose the colors that they prefer. Some maps show turbulent flows in yellow or green. Turbulent flow is present when there are big variations in flow velocity in the same sample region.

What is Doppler angle in ultrasound?

Doppler angle corrects for the usual clinical situation when an ultrasound beam is not parallel to the Doppler signal. For instance, if one wants to evaluate an artery, the best angle for evaluation would be at zero degrees (parallel to the vessel). The strongest signal and best waveforms would be at zero degrees.

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