What is bokkos?

Bokkos is a Local Government Area in Plateau State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Bokkos at 9°18′00″N 9°00′00″E. It has an area of 1,682 km² and a population of 178,454 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 932. Languages spoken in Bokkos are Ron, Mushere & Kulere.

What tribe is Plateau State?

Known for its heterogeneity, the state has about 40 ethnic groups, including the Vergam, Ankwei, Angas, Jawara (Jarauci), Birom, Mango, Fulani, Hausa, and Eggen. The mining industry has attracted European, Igbo (Ibo), and Yoruba immigrants into the state.

When was Plateau State created?

February 3, 1976

Which local government is the largest in Plateau State?

Plateau is the twelfth-largest state in Nigeria. Approximately in the centre of the country, it is geographically unique in Nigeria due to its boundaries of elevated hills surrounding the Jos Plateau its capital, and the entire plateau itself….Languages.

LGA Languages
Barkin Ladi Berom; Ron; Ibaas

What is the history of Berom?

The Berom have been linked to the Nok civilization, a civilization that dates back between 200BC to 1000AD. The Berom are believed to have migrated from as far as Ethiopia, moving to Sudan, Chad then to Niger where they settled for a while before moving down to the Jos Plateau.

Who is the chairman of Shendam local government?

Dr. Nicholas Kemi Nshe, (FCIM) Comrade. Dr. Nicholas Kemi Nshe, (FCIM) the Executive Chairman of Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State.

What is the history of Ngas people?

THE ORIGIN OF NGAS Originally, ngas(chal bhak) lived in the chad Borno basin, & migrated successively to the jos plateau state between AD1000-AD1750. Ngas people who presently occupied the two(2) local govts of pankshin & kanke, belong to the chadic language of the AFRO-ASIATIC language phylum.

What is the history of ngas?

The Ngas, Mupun and Mwaghavul belong to a number of ethnic groups who live on the Jos plateau in central Nigeria and who speak closely related West Chadic languages. The three mentioned groups originally lived in the Chad Borno basin, and migrated successively to the Jos plateau between AD 1000 and AD 1750.

Where is the origin of Plateau State?

Under the military administration of General Yakubu Gowon, the country was further divided into nineteen states in 1976 and Plateau State was created from Benue-Plateau covering the area of the original Plateau Province.

How many languages are there in Plateau State?

There are 48 languages spoken as first languages in Plateau State. Many of them are endangered due to the influence of Hausa. Major languages spoken in Plateau State are Ngas, Berom, Goemai, Kofyar, Mwaghavul, Ron, and Tarok, each spoken by more than 300,000 people.

How many local government are there in Zamfara State?

Zamfara State consists of fourteen (14) Local Government Areas.

What is the capital of Plateau State?

Jos, town, capital of Plateau state, on the Jos Plateau (elevation 4,250 feet [1,295 metres]) of central Nigeria.